What Are 10 Advantages Of Color Coated Roofing Sheets?

Posted by Sunil Srivastava on March 22nd, 2019

Roofing sheets play a crucial role in the construction industry. It forms the basis of pre-engineered structures. A strong, durable roofing sheet is a prerequisite for all constructions - residential as well as commercial. The primary purpose is to offer protection, safety and security of materials stored in the building.

There have been several developments in technology that have given rise to coloured roofing structures. Such sheets can be used at different places such as offices, car parking, warehouses, godowns, restaurants and sheds. Coloured roofs not only add to the aesthetic value of the structure but offer many more benefits.

10 Advantages of Colour Coated Roofing Sheets:

  1. Weather resistant - Colour coated roofing sheets can withstand harsh weathers such as extreme summers and winters. It is accustomed to heavy rainfall conditions. Quality of the sheet remains unaffected in severe weather conditions.

  2. Light in weight - Although an extra coat of colour is added to roofing sheets, the final piece still remains light in weight, thus easy to transport and install. It does not increase the pressure on walls or ceilings of the building.

  3. Corrosion resistant - Roofing sheets that are colour coated do not rust or deteriorate easily. Thus, the cost of maintenance is less. The fact that such sheets do not get rusted assures its long life and durability of the entire structure.

  4. Environment-friendly - Colour coated roofing sheets can be recycled in the future, thus making it environment-friendly. The materials used in making the preserves the environment.

  5. Low heat conductivity - The sheets are coated with colours that have excellent insulation properties. It does not allow too much of heat to pass through, thus ensuring a cool and safe environment within the building.

  6. Strong and sturdy - The roofs of pre-engineered metal buildings must be strong and sturdy. Colour coated sheets used for the roof do not tear easily. Such sheets are durable and assure longevity.

  7. Flexible to use - They are used for the roof are flexible and can be used as per customer requirements. They suit renovations, extensions and all other work related to construction. They can be designed into different shapes and sizes as required.

  8. Extremely durable - They are in demand by the construction industry because of its durability. Such sheets can last for almost 100 years and do not require too much of maintenance.

  9. Provides ventilation - Although the roofing sheets are colour coated, manufacturers of such sheets ensure that buildings should get adequate ventilation even after installing colour coated sheets. They are designed in a way that it perfect ventilation for commercial or residential buildings.

  10. Attractive - Users can choose any colour for the roofs of their buildings. Colour coated roofing sheets are available in different colours thus adding to the look of the building. It makes the structure attractive and appealing to the human eye.

Roofing sheets were earlier available in different shapes, sizes and textures. The introduction of colours has increased the visual appeal and made it more attractive. It obstructs highly infrared rays and ultraviolet rays from entering the building's structure.

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