What is the Internet of Things

Posted by alvina on March 22nd, 2019

Internet of Things, or IoT, is a system or network of smart devices that send data to all types of environment. The data is generally being transferred over a network. There are minimal human or peer – to -peer interactions when it comes to IoT.

IoT can be properly described as a human with a monitor implant in his heart. There is the internet of things agriculture where a cow with a biochip transponder is involved. It can also be a car that has sensors which can detect if the pressure in the tires is too high as well as any object that can have an assigned IP to transfer sets of data in a centralized network.

IoT is commonly used to improve customer service, improve a company’s sales, or better understand the consumers in a particular industry. This can be considered as the internet of things analytics where every data is being analyzed and the company services and products are improved in response to the customers’ needs.

How IoT works

The kind of ecosystem that you can find inside IoT is a series of processors, devices, sensors, and other communication hardware that aim to send and collect data to their respective environments. There are a lot of gateways where a specific IoT can connect depending on its use. There are cases where devices simply communicate with other devices in order to impart information. These can be done automatically and without the need for human intervention at all. The instructions given can be a set of data that is preprogrammed in the system.

Some of the Benefits of IoT can include:

-Check the health of the business

-Make sure that the consumers are satisfied

-Save a lot of money and time

-Enhance the productivity of human employees

-Integrate and Develop New Business Processes

-Make More Effective Decisions

-Generate More Sales

A lot of companies has discovered that IoT can largely benefit them. The Internet of Things companies can first integrate this new technology to their systems, know what are the things that they need to develop in order to increase customer satisfaction, and see the results in the form of their sales and revenues.

Ordinary people can wear IoT devices that analyze, collect, and send the data to the manufacturers in order to improve the user experience. When it comes to the information being sent, the IoT servers are very secure and users should not worry about any breaches of privacy. There are a lot of IoT devices that can enable quick responders in cases of medical emergencies. The device can make an accurate description if the patient is suffering from a heart attack. It can also alert the nearest aids or hospital in order to get help the fastest time possible. The devices can provide the exact location of the victim so that medical help will not waste any more time when it comes to searching for different places. This is very important to people who are working as firefighters, construction workers, and other people who work in life-threatening industries.

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