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Posted by Rskingdom on March 23rd, 2019

If 2K continued to develop their MLB 19 the show stubs  chain and didn't trash it. It'd great concepts and when they made a better mycareer choice I believe it could been a better Show than the show.The show is merely low ballin us with anything they can since they are the only game at this time. I had always played 2k, everybody got so distracted by just graphics once the Show was first released.The Indians were the sole MLB The Show 19 group in central to become .500, the AL also had 4 out of the 5 worst MLB The Show 19 teams at MLB The Show 19 and one of those MLB The Show 19 teams were at the Rays branch that if I recall correctly I believe they killed the Orioles and played with the Yankees really nicely they took advantage of a leading heavy Al even when they played with .500 from the great MLB The Show 19 teams as long as they were able to win against the feeble MLB The Show 19 teams it was not going to be hard for them to win 90 that the AL is open at the base but we know who's becoming in every year.

Jackson Waugh, simply shut up, you don't have any truth that the Rays are better compared to Indians and that they are better than the Indians all time. And you think telling me"closed up" all the time is gonna do something for you. If I did not have Chief Wahoo because my profile picture, I wouldn't have a 13 year-old kid telling me the way the ``''Rays are far better than the Indians''''. You don't even live of the amount of MLB The Show 19 I live. But the Indians are a poor MLB The Show 19 team 91-71, YEA. The AL East includes the 47-115 Orioles, which can be also a VERY MLB The Show 19 group!!! No-one is talking about the Angels can not even make the playoffs. It is just like 1987 ALL OVER AGAIN!!! You would not have any roast if the Indians won 5 games and won a game. Use the one game lead to roast a MLB The Show 19 team, that you think sucks!!!?

Ok well we didn't get swept in the playoffs. We won as many games. Only because I use a thunder shirt does not mean I like the Buy MLB 19 Stubs  team. Additionally the rays have bullpen problems and they had two or even three starters last season and they won 90 games so you can't say they suck. So quit saying the rays and dodgers are bad because the rays have a better record from y’all along with the dodgers can actually win a playoff game so get off your 11 year ass and find some facts cause you can't.

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