Remarkable mobile app localization to get in global competition

Posted by Nesma on March 23rd, 2019

Mobile application consider a fast growth segment

Definitely, the mobile application industry considers from the fastest growing segment in the latest economic, and still growing due to the great usage of smartphones and the internet, also the huge transformation in technology.

Actually, mobile application become a major part in our daily life and any smartphone have several of the mobile application downloaded on it, due to the several types of mobile apps for every sector in our life, for instance, there is a mobile application for entertainment, education, health, fitness, and games etc..

Top 3 largest markets for mobile applications downloads in the order

Indeed, China leading the competition in the mobile app global market, next to it we found India has placed in the second largest country of app download, finally, we find the US in third place.

Here we will talk about every market separately,

China mobile app market considers the largest market in the world nowadays, Chinese people use their most time in messages application most than any application, additionally, and Chinese people use video and streaming application in second place. Also, Chinese people use gaming apps in third place.

India mobile app market is the second largest market in the entire world and consider from fast-growing markets. Actually, Indian people spent more spare time in video and streaming apps. Additionally, the dating app placed in second place according to people use.

Absolutely, every application succeeded in invade one of those biggest markets of mobile application has localized correctly and in a great way to can stand on the huge and difficult competition in those biggest markets.

  Certainly, those three largest markets consider as attractive markets in this industry. Especially, every country from these three countries generates larger mobile application sales. Moreover, if you launched your mobile app in any market of those you will gain a global reputation and gain huge profit. Therefore, those markets consider a difficult challenge for any app developer or business owners and they have to put a clear strategy and localize their mobile application with professional translation services to could invade those markets.

Remarkable mobile app localization for great impact in new markets

Actually, as we explained the mobile application market nowadays, besides the top 3 powerful markets in the world.

Indeed, most mobile application developer or business owner has a dream of making his mobile application flourish on a global scale, and gain a big reputation in the largest markets in the entire world.

Thus, we will explain how mobile app localization services could increase your application opportunity in invade the new global market. Besides, the great effect that will return to your mobile app if you could success to launch it in any market of the three mentioned.

Otherwise, we will talk about the great impact of effective mobile application localization on your mobile application, and steps to do a remarkable mobile app localization.

There is the mobile application localization

The First step you should do is work on your app localization strategy from the development process; it will give you more time and save your effort.

  1. Choose your target language

You have to choose your target market perfectly and be aware of all aspects in this market and you have to create a market and behavior research to ensure that your application will be suitable to the target market audience and their culture. Moreover, this app will be good enough for their needs.

  1. Prepare your reference materials

Provide glossaries to your translation partnership to ensure your accurate translation and correct meaning, and style guide.

  1. Translate content into your target language

Translate the application content to your target market language.

  1. Customize your application to your target culture

Which mean adapt names, titles and time zone, currency, images caption and description of the application to the target culture.

  1. Test your application

Indeed, it is considered an important step, test your application layout and friendly use. besides, that step considers as where you figure out if there is any error before you launch it in the market.

Eventually, you have to pay attention while choosing your translation services and be sure to choose Professional Translation Company definitely to ensure about their big experience in mobile app localization sector, additionally, to be sure that they are using TM (Translation Memory) which will speed up your whole process and add more quality.

The Great impact of effective App localization

  1. Extend to a wider audience
  2. Boost your application downloads
  3. Increase your business profits and sales
  4. Gain a new customer base
  5. Gain more reputation on a global scale
  6. Get in the global competition
  7. Easily invade another new market


Definitely, we thrower light on mobile application market growth year over year, due to the essential role of the mobile application in our daily life and the largest markets on the mobile application industry last year.

Furthermore, the mobile app localization essential role of growing this industry on a global scale, additionally to the great effect of mobile app localization on your mobile application flourish in other new markets.

Besides, we clarified the steps of app localization and the key role of hire professional translation partnership.

Eventually, we advise you if your mobile application still limited to specific local market go ahead now and localize it faster, especially after we mentioned the powerful impact of mobile app localization and the effect of launching your application into a global scale and make your application gain more prominence.

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