Ultrahigh Frequency Bearing Quenching Equipment

Posted by BalunShu on March 23rd, 2019

Ultrahigh frequency bearing quenching equipment can also be called ultrahigh frequency induction heating equipment, ultrahigh frequency induction heating machine, and so on. A lot of industry names associated with it. Ultrahigh frequency bearing quenching equipment uses the principle of electromagnetic induction heating, and producing a large amount of heat energy to heat the metal workpiece through the induction current produced by induction coil. 

Ultrahigh frequency bearing quenching equipment

Ultrahigh frequency bearing quenching equipment: using IGBT parallel inverter circuit and inverter control technology, making the 100% load duration of this series of equipment realized and the heating state of the maximum power be able to run for 24 hours. This technology reduces the insulation caused by high voltage after the voltage of the first coil in the high frequency transformer. The customers reflect that the equipment is highly reliable; the high frequency transformer has small volume, light weight, low loss, movable and less than 1 square meters, and saves 10 times the production space for the customers; the power is large, the heating is fast, the efficiency is high, and the operation is convenient, the electric conversion rate is raised, the energy saving is more than 30-40%, and then the production is reduced. 

Ultrahigh frequency bearing quenching equipment

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