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Posted by John on March 24th, 2019

During your first visit to our department, you will see a Radiation Oncologist (physician), who will obtain a complete history and fulfill a physical examination. An appointment may be needed for treatment planning (simulation). This involves taking some systematic X-rays in method to accurately plan the extent to be treated. You will be required to lie completely still during treatment; however, this should not be uncomfortable, since the treatment sporadically attacks more than a few minutes. The Radiation Oncology Treatment Experience is not easy. It requires a high quality of experience and acknowledgment. Our company is running a very good system from which a person can make treatment of critical disease in an easy way.

This section highlights the procedures that Dr. Rajiv Dahiya performs most frequently. This shape uses Medicare data to determine how often a provider performs a procedure relative to other providers in their state also fulfill the same procedure. Using this data, we can detect when doctors do certain procedures more frequently than similar providers. These procedures go into our Procedures Performed section in order to help consumers mate more informed choices.

A lack of detection does not necessarily mean destitution of expertise, just that it was not visible within this dataset. The data is limited to Medicare beneficiaries, a purpose that physicians that do not accept Medicare (<10% of all physicians) will be excluded.

The experience of other patients may not apply to you. Your doctor and fosterer know you as an individual. During your consultation, the radiation oncologist discusses treatment options and advises on the choice treatment for you. The radiation oncologist works closely with other cancer specialists and healthcare professionals involved in your care and meets with you on a regular basis to check on the status of your treatment. No two people are accurately alike It is important to remember that no two centers or manipulation diagram are exactly alike either.

Dr Rajiv Dahiya Radiation Oncology team uses the most advanced information processing system planning and treatment rescue systems to exactly communicate the radiation. Your safety is of paramount importance to us. The radiation oncologist is a doctor who particularizes in using radiation to treat cancer and some benign diseases. The radiation is delivered by a peculiar bicycle called a linear accelerator, pictured at right, or by radioactive substances that are implanted or injected.

The Radiation Oncologist Dr. marta Dahiya will meet with you weekly while you are on treatment. This will be done presently after your radiation treatment. The nurse is available daily for any concerns you may have. We care the ill person with very best and keep our monitoring continues on the disease so that it cannot go with more incensement. During the course of Radiation Therapy, it is important that you eat well-balanced victuals and plan for adequate rest. In much accident, your level of daily activity does not have to be restricted. However, you should ask your physician or nurse about any restrictions that might visit you. Occasionally, scheduling collision arises and your appointment time may have to be changed or temper.

A radiation expert Dr. Rajiv Dahiya helps to coordinate your care, reply questions about your treatment, and helps manage side effects. Radiation therapists position you for daily treatments and ensure the accuracy of the radiation delivery. Behind the scenes, other professionals ensure that the management coach consistently delivers the correct dose of radiation required for your treatment. The Registered Nurse or LPN will give you specific instructions related to your care during radiation therapy. He will congregate with you frequently to discuss any problems, questions, or concerns you may have regarding your treatment.

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