Best Carpet Cleaning Solutions for Different Types of Stains

Posted by austinbaines on March 24th, 2019

Carpets are essential to most houses as they serve countless purposes, from insulation of the floor to hiding floor deficiency in order to raise the visual beauty of a house. It is natural for carpets to experience constant wear and tear due to heavy foot traffic making it more prone to various types of stains and other violence. Aside from that, kids and pets are often the ones responsible for making the carpet really dirty. For this, it is important for you to know about the best carpet cleaning solutions available for all types of stains. These solutions should be formulated considering the carpet’s fabric to avoid further damages.

Pet stains are one of the frequent reasons why it is important to keep the best carpet cleaning solution handy. Although it is not unusual for pets to have a mishap on your carpet, pet stains are something that you might want to eradicate straight away to avoid the unpleasant odor. Vinegar is considered as the best homemade cleaning solution for this. Simply mix in water and 10 parts of vinegar in a bucket to get rid of the unwanted stain. Most people find that when Cleaning Carpet with Vinegar the odor of the vinegar a little offensive, but this will eventually go away as the carpet dries.

Aside from pet stains, you might come across with other types of stains due to spilt food, wine and coffee among others. Infrequent spillages are very common to those with kids at home and the best way to deal with this is to have ammonia or vinegar as your best carpet cleaning solution. Vinegar solution can be done as mentioned above, while for ammonia, it should be mixed in with water in a ration of 1:5. When you opt for ammonia, make sure to use the one that is strongly fragranced, such lemon, as the odor of ammonia can be very appealing to your pet although the smell will vanish on its own or once the carpet is dry. Detergent or dish soap can also be helpful when dealing with carpet stains it will help to get rid of the unwanted stain. However, you might need to soak your carpet as soap residue requires lots of water to be removed.

When using a steam cleaner, make sure that you opt for the recommended and the best carpet cleaning Beenleigh solution for steam cleaners. However, you should know that this type of solution can be pricey so some people opt for a cheaper alternative, such as the ones mentioned above. You can also use a mild carpet shampoo to clean your carpet regularly. Note that harsh chemicals should not be used on carpets often and only when dealing with heavy stains. This is to make sure that you prevent damaging the rug while working on the stains.

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