A Mission-critical RF Player for your Field Technicians and Engineers

Posted by David Scharf on March 24th, 2019

One of the most important abilities of any RF engineer is to be able to accurately do RF capture and RF playback to properly analyze spectrum events and anomalies, typically in the field and with limited access to the resources available at the head office. Among the challenges faced during RF signal analysis is the size of the high-fidelity window that the spectrum is viewed through. That’s why you need a highly reliable real-time RF player like the Test-Tree Portable RF Capture & Playback unit, also known as RF-Catcher.

 The ability to RF record / RF capture and RF playback real-time RF bandwidth is critical in many cases, such as for field technicians and engineers. The portability aspect is equally important, which is why the RF-Catcher only weighs 600 grams. The compact footprint of 163 x 115 x 32 mm and low power consumption of 3W makes it an essential part of your field team’s arsenal.

 This robust RF player offers an affordable and flexible way to record and play real-time bandwidth from 1MHz to 55MHz and covers a frequency range from 70MHz up to

6GHz with a resolution of 1kHz. It is bundled with a dedicated software application for 64-bit Windows and can be used in conjunction with the Application Suite for the RF-Catcher platform to extend its capabilities to IQ conversion and splitting, triggered RF record, task scheduling and much more.

 The RF-Catcher module has two input and two output ports for RF capture and playback. It includes automatic out-of-band signal suppression for capture and automatic harmonic suppression for playback. The dedicated software contains multiple indicators for signal strength and status, and gives you full visibility and control over the utility’s extensive parameters and settings.

 From an application standpoint, the RF-Catcher allows you to store your RF sources on your PC, making it ideal for sharing between site and HQ. Field test debugging can be done for set-top boxes, TVs and chipsets, and allows your field team to quickly and effectively troubleshoot radio, TV and telecom RF spectrum events.

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