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Posted by limmzhou on March 25th, 2019

As it stands now, there are seven basic attributes which can be mixed and matched to define the sort of player you want to mt 2k19 create: When you begin here, your main stat boosts are typically in Steals, Ball Handling and Acceleration.Mid-range shots and Acceleration are good once you start here.Mid-Range and Three-Point scoring are all good when you begin here.You're great at Layups, Dunks, Verticals, Speed and Acceleration.Steals, Blocks, Lateral Quickness, Speed and Acceleration.Layups, Post Offense and Strength.Rebounding, Stamina and Strength.

In most scenarios, you should not be NBA 2K MT Coins making a player shorter than 6 feet 6 inches tall if you need him to be flexible on the courtroom. Height generally supplies a hitbox increase to your lower stats unless you truly want to go small with a pure shot. If you make a player with long arms he'll be better on defense, and brief arms buff your crime.

Generally, Driving and finishing is a fantastic archetype to have if you want a player that can both score and defend. If you set it with something like Three-Point, you will have a really good start.In addition to Driving & Finishing, Shot Creating is also worth considering because it fans your stats and caps for both three-point and mid at precisely the same time. Notably looking at a guardian, most of your stats will normally crack 80 with all the Shot Creating Archetype.

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