Various Types of Product Packaging Solutions

Posted by hbfuller14 on March 25th, 2019

It is essential for converters to choose the right product packaging solutions. It helps them to produce safe laminates and desired packaging performance such as filling, retort, sealing ability and more. The right adhesive and coating eliminate the risk of damaging the products and keep them safe & secure. Flexible packaging adhesives are based on urethane and acrylic chemistry. Any change in composition can determine whether the adhesive is solvent, water or solvent-less based. They meet packaging needs ranging from easy, non-demanding packages to the most severe requirements of packaging.

Water-borne resin technologies and additives allow the easy application of flexible packaging adhesives to a variety of surfaces. These adhesives can also be used effectively in a variety of lamination processes such as wet and dry lamination.

Paper and Carton Packaging:

Paper and carton packaging are used for various types of goods such as food, electronics, toys, shoes, kitchenware and, even other packaging materials. The companies associated with these types of packaging produce wrapping paper, inflated paper, sheets, boxes, tubes, pallets, interlayers, corners, edges and custom protective systems for packaging the materials. Although it depends on the dimension and shape of the packed goods, the carton is cut and modeled to fit and protect the product. Paper can be used to laminate other materials to make them stronger. There is also an anticorrosive paper that can be used to wrap goods or to laminate other materials.

Film Packaging:

There are various types of films used in the packaging industry such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyolefin and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The film is available on a roll and is used to wrap & cover goods, protect boxes and make other packaging products such as bags, tubes, bubble wrap, and sheets. These can be used for lamination and can be anticorrosive, antistatic, shrinkable or non-shrinkable, and slippery or non-slippery.

Foam Packaging:

Foam is used for packaging and can be produced on a roll or in sheets of various thicknesses. It is used to wrap goods or make bags, corners, edges, and more. The corners and edges are used to protect glass, decorative furniture, and sharp edges. Foam can be carved and modeled on the product's shape to keep it secure as well as protect it.

Textile Packaging:

There are a variety of goods that are protected by textiles. For example, in the automotive industrythere are custom-made textile insertions used to protect car parts during transportation. The textile insert is put on a metal frame which then fits into a metal container.

Plastic boxes:

Plastic boxes and containers are used in all types of industries. For example, in the food industrythere are plastic containers that are used for goods like ketchup, yogurt, milk, and juices. The boxes are mainly used for transporting goods and can be reusable. It can be accumulated and can be folded when empty to save storage space.

These are the product packaging solutions that various industries use to make their products reach safely to the customers.

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