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Posted by Peptex Labs on March 25th, 2019

Pump tracks are perhaps the newest and the most interesting activities in recreation. It’s a progressive structure that uses an up and down pumping motion to ensure that a bike moves instead of pedaling. They are, therefore, the ideal structures to practice skills, balance, and improve confidence. Also, they are safe and fun to ride regardless of your age. Whether you have scooters, skateboards or rollerblades, they are actually suitable for bikes of all sizes.

By bridging the generation gap between small children, parents, and adolescents, they create a community environment. Although you might have missed them before, these tracks have been around for a very long time.  In fact, they can easily be spotted in places such as council-owned parks, schools, mountain bike parks, campgrounds and inside the compounds of some lucky people who have made their own.

If you practice well, you should be able to use a pump track without pedaling. While this is the ideal goal of a bike pump track near me there is still a lot more to gain from them. However, understanding their use will give you hindsight on how to get the most of them.

What they offer

As compared to other recreational activities they are full of fun. Since there will always be other riders around, you can ride, or just enjoy watching other people riding. This means small children may come and pick the techniques and skills from the adults and other children out there. Apart from this they also provide a great environment for riding.  Did you know that there is also a pump track for skateboards? As you ride over the corners, terrain and differing slopes you will start to feel how your body moves to maintain a balance.

Whether you are looking for fitness or strength improvement, this is the best place to be. More so, the more you skate or ride the more you’ll gain confidence. Once you become quite skilled, you will continue to learn how to use the terrain better and ride with more speed, flow, and control. Since they suit a number of age groups you can tailor the track according to your capability. For example, younger kids may miss out the corners and the mounds if they are too hard. They may also just focus on one part of the track.

However, adults and older kids can improve their fitness, riding skills and strength by completing a lap without pedaling.  It’s, therefore, one of the best ways to go for an adventure.

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