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By no means is this an angry letter to every existing singer who is currently ruling on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, but this is the blunt truth. Previously music used to be an outlet, an egression; musicians would lay their hearts open and vent out their emotions. The feeling would be so strong that listeners and fans would feel a connection as well. In the yesteryears, music was unadulterated, pure and invigorating. Musicians had a meaning and purpose. They were passionate about singing and respected their profession.

Ever since, the new artists have tasted fame and banked inexhaustible amounts of money, they’ve lost the track of their journey, and are intoxicated by the material world. They have forgotten about their love for music as they don’t remain rooted anymore. This is honestly mournful as children these days no longer have the ability to feel the way early generations did. They don’t know what it feels like listening to Janis Joplin when she is baring out her soul in front of a crowd of thousands. It was a magical era when music was influenced by the gothic traits of Joan Jett and ‘Hate Myself for Loving You’ was everyone’s anthem. This was the time when the music charts were dominated by Elton John, Michael Jackson, U2, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, and the forever irreplaceable Queen.

Decades ago when there was no internet, fans would buy concert tickets and CD records to enjoy the purity. Now music has become more accessible with the invention of applications like Radio, Youtube, and Spotify. Students hear music while doing their homework, on their way to work, and strangely even when they are going through heartbreaks. The way the music industry has lost its appeal; the cheap essay writing service is getting better by each passing day.

  • Today’s music seems to be trapped into two main themes. Half of the population listens to songs about heartbreak, and the other half go for party anthems. Before musicians used to play a significant role in generating patriotism and other spiritual sensations among listeners through their music. When Queen dropped Bohemian Rhapsody, it made a revolutionary impact which has lasted till today. You won’t remember Super Bass ten years from now and find it evolutionary.

Auto-tuning has affected the upcoming singers like an epidemic. The trend that began with Madonna and Britney Spears has given a reason to sing to many people which isn’t always good. There are singers like Selena Gomez and Rihanna who can’t utter a word live, but they have chart-busting albums. This is honestly disrespectful to the art and the profession. Not to forget that singers like Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera are still making music, but they’re not topping the charts or selling albums like the rest. Their career is considered over, which is a lie. It is observed that even Cristina Aguilera turned to auto-tune in her recent album. This came across as a shock to her fans as she is someone who is considered to be naturally talented and is deeply admired by the world.

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