5 Things You Should Expect From A Good German Shepherd Breeder

Posted by florinsshefer on March 25th, 2019

Dog breeders are responsible for varieties of their daily routines. Here are the five things you should you expect from a good breeder that will also help you find the top US German shepherd breeders

1. Care more than just making money

In today’s world, breeding dogs has become more like a business. More than taking care of the animals, breeders are keen on expanding their business and making more money. And in return, animals are being exploited. There are a few breeders that are genuine and can be trusted. If you are trying to find the top us german shepherd breeders, bear in mind that you check their community, how they treat the puppies and their mothers and their way of breeding animals.

2. Vaccinate and provide proper medical care

Whether newborn or adult dogs, proper vaccination should be given. If you are looking for a German shepherd puppy, make sure that the primary vaccination course has been given. Two rounds of injections should be given before they are given for adoptions so that they should be able to safely mix with other pets or animals. It is important for young pets to get vaccinated early in order to protect them from serious illnesses and at the same time they are at a much higher risk of catching one.

3. Provide legal papers

Do not go for any breeder that do not provide legal papers. As mentioned earlier, there are also breeders who are more into making money than providing proper care for the animals. If you are looking from and buy the top US German shepherd breeders, make sure that you also get the legal papers to avoid falling in the trap of illegal breeders. 

4. Provide instant medical needs

Your breeder will know more about the pet. Always opt from breeders who can also provide instant medical care in case needed. Your breeder will also have knowledge of your pet, its background, whether the pet had any disease or not before being bought. The breeder can possibly identify the illness that your pet is suffering from and your pet can likely get quick treatment and cure.

5. Give only to genuine dog lovers

Responsible breeders do not blindly sell the dogs. They want the best for them. Before selling them away, they will first inquire about your current living arrangements, your family, your habits. They will also ask about your other pets if you have. Whether they are compatible with a new puppy and many more. 

Buy from a responsible breeder to avoid promoting cruelty against animals. The above-mentioned points will help you identify the right breeder.

Author Bio: The author is a blogger and the article talks about 5 things you should you expect from a good breeder.

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