The Benefits of Smoke Machine

Posted by amosfred1990 on March 25th, 2019

If you’re trying to think of ideas to spice up your next party, sporting event, laser tag game or concert, you might want to consider using a smoke machine to add some amazing effects that your guests are sure to love. These machines can give off a unique and professional look. They also have a lot of practical uses. Here are some of the major benefits of using one of these machines in several different areas.

Detecting issues with your vehicle.

Using a smoke machine can make finding issues with your vehicle much simpler. They are being used more and more as automotive diagnostic technology. The primary use is to detect leaks in different areas of your car. We can also detective vacuum leaks. A smoke test for your car takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Locating any leaks in your car with a smoke test can help prevent further damage that can result and having to pay more money.

A smoke machine for your outdoor event.

Smoke machines can be a great way to add some flair to an event such as a football game, soccer game or any other team sport. You can use it when your team is being introduced on to the field at the beginning of the game. You can also add a unique element to a halftime performance in a football game. An outdoor concert can also be a perfect setting for one of these machines. You can combine the smoke affect with laser lights to create a concert your guest won’t forget. It can also add a great effect for a DJ on stage. You can also use one at the entrance of the concert or even in areas where the crowd is standing.

Laser tag and smoke.

Laser tag can be a lot more fun when there is a faint presence of smoke. The smoke machine creates an atmosphere where the lasers from the gun are a lot more visible, especially in a dark room. Most laser tag guns have a few settings including a long burst or rapidfire. These differences are much more prevalent in a smoke-filled room. This can apply to both pistol and rifle style laser guns. Kids and adults will love the setting the smoke machine adds to a game of laser tag. It also can create a cool vibe and allow players to hide better behind wall or other structures so they don’t get shot or tagged by the laser gun. This might even be a fun idea for a kid’s birthday party at your home.

Disco party with smoke!

Another fun application of a smoke machine is to create your own disco party. This can include laser lights, strobe lights or the classic disco ball. You can add a fun element to a school dance or any other indoor celebration. The smoke isn’t harmful, but you definitely want to make sure the machine doesn’t produce so much that it becomes an annoyance indoors.

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