Solving Your Prior Authorization Crisis in Orthotics & Prosthetics

Posted by Willam Smith on March 25th, 2019

A study shows that every week a medical practice complete an average of 29.1 prior authorization requirements per physician which take an average of 14.6 hours to process. This is equal to two business day. This is why more and more medical health provider is opting for outsourcing option from proper RCM Company.

What can be done?

Electronic updating – With modern technologies and facilities old method of manually PA process is coming to an end. Even manually updating does take a long time in the process. Whereas electronically PA is complete faster than any manual process. It also decreases the chance of error while doing so.

Be familiar with an insurance policy – There is numerous insurance policies. The person in charge has to be familiarized with the changing trends and different insurance policy. It helps in saving lots of time during the process.

Outsourcing the process - Normally a PA process takes in 1-3 business days, making it an expensive and lengthy process. Here dedication and continuous follow-up also required during the process. This is why more in-house health care provider is now outsourcing their Prior Authorization billing process.

With Medtronic and 100 satisfied clients outsourcing company like Sun knowledge service Inc, plays the perfect growth partner. It helps improving the cash flow for your Prior Authorization service in orthotics and prosthetics billing.

About SunKnowledge Service Inc:

Sunknowledge Service Inc is a total RCM company service since 2007. With decades of experience, it specialized in prior authorization service for orthotics and prosthetics billing. It has a track record of 99.9% accuracy in billing, coding and a 100% PA submission on the same day.

Instant reduction up to 80% in operating cost and 97% guarantee collection, even in aging AR. In term of operational transparency and productive matrix, Sunknowledge is unmatchable.

Sunknowledge Service Inc offers a standalone/end to end service for the following:

  • Rx Order Entry
  • Patient demographics & insurance entry
  • Product Code/Rx & Dx Entry
  • Eligibility verification/Authorization
  • Collection of complete Rx
  • Collection of documents for Auth approval
  • Submission
  • Rejection/denial management
  • A/R Follow-up

Contact us:

Sunknowledge Service Inc provides a dedicated team and an account manager, with identity serving 24/7 for your entire billing problem. To check Sunknowledge services talk to our expert over ‘no commitment call’, for seamless cash flow in prior Authorization service during your Orthotics and prosthetics billing.

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