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Posted by crystal on March 26th, 2019

Do you have items which need to be hauled into a temperature controlled environment? Consider our cold chain transportation solutions. What's a cold chain? It is a temperature controlled distribution chain that safeguards your goods and ensures it arrives safely. When a cold chain is unbroken, it's going through an uninterrupted collection of storage and transport events that guarantee it’s given temperature range is preserved. A cold chain guarantees the shelf life of the item is extended and ensures the products stay safe for ingestion. 

What Items Require Cold Chain Transportation? Numerous items can benefit from, or require, cold chain transportation to be able to reach their destination safely. Some items needing cold chain transportation include: Agricultural products - Seafood - Frozen food - Photographic movie - Chemicals - Pharmaceutical medications - In the pharmaceutical sector, one common cold chain comprises the temperature assortment of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius. Particular temperatures and endurance variations depend on the actual product that's being sent and the timeframe it could take for the item to achieve its destination. Some shipments, like produce, need additional parameters be met like air quality levels, so it becomes the most difficult and complex cold chain to correctly operate and maintain. 

Cold Chain Transport Requires Specific Products - Cold chain transportation demands specialized products for the climate and temperatures to be satisfactorily controlled and the dispatch can arrive safely. Global Cold Chain Solutions provides the biggest variety of cold chain transportation products which you will find accessible everywhere. We also offer cold series consulting services to help you in also the decision making process and also to help ensure all your cold transport chain needs are adequately addressed. We'll assist you in choosing the best products for your specific needs. Cold series transportation is a serious matter. Pharmaceutical supplies can ruin and be left untreated if not maintained and transported in the correct temperature range. Health Care products, like blood and organs for transplants, must arrive rapidly and preserved at the proper temperature otherwise they'll also be rendered unusable and would need disposal. We offer also the best selection of temperature and environment control product and the best quality cold transport products which are available on the marketplace. Cold Chain Products We Offer - We provide a wide range of cold series transportation and temperature control items.

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