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All about the beginning stages of renal failure

Posted by gauravkarma on March 26th, 2019

Renal failure refers to the insufficiency of renal in performing filtration work. It is the last stage of kidney disease that states your kidneys have stopped working and can no longer perform filtration work. In the beginning stages of renal failure, you can prevent kidney damage from getting worse with the help of ayurvedic treatment and a dietary plan. But when you are in the late stages of renal failure, you will need dialysis as the first-hand treatment to allow toxins to be removed from the blood.

Renal failure refers to the condition when your kidneys are no longer able to remove toxins out of the body. Renal failure is the last stage of chronic kidney disease and is often said ESRD, end-stage renal disease. When renal fail, it means they have stopped working well for you to live healthily.  Renal failure refers to five stages of kidney disease. The beginning stages of renal failure refer to mild damage in the functionality of the kidney or renal while in the later stages, the damage is so severe that the kidneys lose more than 85% of their functionality.

In the initial stages, the kidneys are still able to filter out toxins but if no underlying treatment is begun with and you progress to the later stages, the kidneys have to work harder to get rid of toxins. 

eGFR test for the stages of renal failure

Now, the question is how will you know which stage of kidney disease you are in?

Well, eGFR test is a measurement of how efficiently your kidney’s filters are working. The beginning stages of renal failure are classified based on the eGFR count. These stages are:

  • Stage 1: When your GFR shows greater than 90 it means you are in stage 1 of kidney disease. In this stage, the damage is so mild that you will not have any physical symptoms. This gentle damage does not affect your everyday life. In order to prevent further damage, ayurvedic medicines should be taken and a diet plan is followed so that the underlying causes of damage can be controlled.
  • Stage 2: GFR between 60 and 89 shows depicts stage 2 of kidney damage. In stage 2, you have one or two signs of kidney damage, even when your GFR is normal. The signs that should not be overlooked in the beginning stages of renal failure are protein in the urine or physical damage to the kidneys.
  • Stage 3: Stage 3 means your kidneys are reasonably injured. In this stage, you will notice one or a few of the symptoms appearing in your body because of fluid retention such as swelling in the feet and hands, changes in the pee pattern. Many people in the stage, also face high blood pressure, anemia and bone diseases because of waste accumulation inside the bloodstream. In stage 3, the GFR drop downs to range between 30 and 59.
  • Stage 4: GFR count between 15 and 30signifies stage 4 of kidney damage. In this stage, you should immediately consult a doctor without any delay as the damage is severe and you might even need dialysis to allow the toxins to be removed from your blood. To keep kidney disease from getting worse, you should follow a kidney-friendly diet as diet plays an important role in increasing the output of the kidney.
  • Stage5: This stage of kidney disease means your kidneys have failed to work as they are intended to. When your kidneys stop working, a dangerous level of fluid and toxins can build up inside your tissues, making you feel sick. In stage 5 of renal failure, you will need to start dialysis which works as a substitute for kidney functioning.

The stages of renal failure indicate the malfunctioning of your kidney, and that in the beginning stages of renal failure you can prevent kidney damage from getting worse if you take proper ayurvedic treatment.

Ayurvedic treatment for the beginnings stages of renal failure

When you are in the beginning stages of kidney disease, taking a proper ayurvedic treatment and following a kidney-friendly diet can prevent you from progressing to renal failure. With ayurvedic treatment, you can be assured of the removal of the signs of kidney damage from your body. The ayurvedic treatment works on the causes of damage so that the complications do not appear again in the future.  The herbal extracts that are used in the ayurvedic treatment help to rejuvenate the cells of the kidney, facilitate urine flow and reduces fluid retention. The ayurvedic treatment can also be taken while you are already on dialysis and both of your kidneys have failed. By being regular on ayurvedic medicines, you can also reduce the frequency of dialysis.

What does Karma Ayurveda offer?

KarmaAyurveda offers a range of ayurvedic medicines based on the severity of kidney damage to patients across the globe. The ayurvedic treatment by Karma Ayurveda has helped patients during the beginning stages of renal failure, or even they are on dialysis. Until now, more than 35000 patients have been saved with herbal medicines by Doctor Puneet Dhawan. If you also want to improve the quality of kidney with herbal extracts from nature, then consult us!

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