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To save storage capacity and speed up the process of transferring files online, they are compressed so as to decrease the number of bits. Compression reduces the costs of hardware as well. In this modern era, business documents are within the form of Word, excel or pdf files. To save and compress these vital, files there is need of locked RAR files. Locked files keep your data safe and protected from the unauthorized personnel. But if someone forgets the password or sometimes files downloaded from the internet are locked then there is a need of an effective and fast RAR password remover online.

Part 1. RAR password Remover shareware. 

1. Pass Fab for RAR.

Easy to recover the forgotten RAR files password by Pass Fab for RAR no matter encryption and compression used. It includes self or built-in dictionary for unlocking the files.

Advantages: RAR file passwords recovery become easy and speedy because it uses advanced s.s.e technology. New search algorithm based and accelerate the speed of password recovery with CUDA, Multicore CPUs and NVIDIA.

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