Wing Slats Market Structure Analysis for the Period 2018 - 2028

Posted by Pradnya on March 26th, 2019

Wing Slats: Market Introduction

An airplane’s velocity is relatively low during take-off and landing. Wing slats are the aerodynamic surfaces placed on the leading edge of a fixed-wing aircraft’s wings. Wing slats, when deployed, enable the aircraft’s wings to operate at an enhanced angle of attack. The aircraft can take-off or land in shorter distances and cruise at slower speeds since a higher lift coefficient is produced as a result of the higher angle of attack generated by wing slats. Wing slats are usually utilized when the aircraft is landing or performing strategic maneuvers that might take the aircraft close to an in-air stall as they decrease the aircraft’s stall speed. Wing slats are retracted during normal flight in order to minimize the drag. There are three primary types of aircraft wing slats – automatic wing slats, fixed wing slats and powered wing slats. Automatic wing slats, or Handley-Page slats, are spring-loaded wing slats lying flushed with the leading edge of an aircraft. These wing slats are held in place by the force of the wind acting on them during flight. The spring-loaded wing slats are extended when the aircraft slows down and the aerodynamic force is reduced. Fixed wing slats are permanently extended and are installed in aircrafts developed for simplicity and not speed. Airliners are commonly integrated with powered wing slats, which are controlled fully by the pilot.

Wing Slats: Market Dynamics

The ever-rising procurement of airliners for the commercial and military sectors is estimated to drive the global wing slats market during the forecast period. Huge investments made by the national governments to their air force is another factor driving the procurement of wing slats and other aircraft components. Installation of units and replacement of damaged units in the aircraft are furthermore expected to leverage the market growth of airline wing slats. Airliner assemblers and manufacturers are investing heavily to maintain their market profitability and enhance their global market presence, which is in turn, expected to drive the adoption rate of wing slats.  The ever-rising advancements in flight technologies are also estimated to boost the growth of the global wing slats market during the forecast period.

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Wing Slats: Market Segmentation

On the basis of wing slats type, the global Wing Slats market can be segmented into the following:

  • Automatic
  • Fixed
  • Powered

Powered wing slats are most commonly used in the commercial airliner market and currently hold the largest market share of the global wing slats market. However, automatic wing slats are estimated to record the highest growth rate in the global wing slats market during the forecast period.

Wing Slats: Regional Market Outlook

The wing slats market in the MEA region is projected to register a high degree of growth in the global wing slats market during the forecast period. This growth may be attributed to the high funding assigned by national governments to their air force. The Latin American wing slats market is also expected to record a significant adoption rate during the forecast period. Currently, the North American wing slats market holds a major share of the global wing slats market. High adoption rate of efficient airliner parts in the military and commercial sectors drives the wing slats market in North America. High presence of wing slat suppliers in North America, especially the U.S., is another factor driving the wing slats market in the region. The wing slats market in Western Europe is the next prominent market followed by North America of the global wing slats market, followed by the regional markets of Asia Pacific including China and Japan.

Wing Slats: Key Market Players

The global wing slats market is expected to be highly fragmented owing to the presence of numerous small scale manufacturers. Some of the key market participants in the global wing slats market include:

  • ASCO Industries
  • Zenith Aircraft Company
  • SCHOTT North America Inc.
  • Circor Aerospace Inc
  • Continental Motors Services, Inc.
  • Spirit AeroSystems, Inc.

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