How Donald Trump Could Make Vaping a Partisan Luxury

Posted by freemexy on March 27th, 2019

Most vaporizers and Vape Wholesale, like many small electronic devices, are manufactured in China. President-elect Trump has already said he wants to onshore manufacturing jobs, competing with Shenzhen factories rather than relying on their steady output. He’s gone so far as to suggest that Americans boycott Apple products until the company divorces Foxconn and creates more domestic jobs. The potential pitfall, as many economists have suggested, is that this could cause a trade war with China. But, even if it does, the flow of cheaply made Chinese products into America is unlikely to stop. Scott Rasak, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes, says he isn’t concerned about getting the Chinese parts he needs to build his product stateside.It would be very weird for [Trump] to single out the vaping industry,” Rasak says of trade renegotiations. “Worst comes to worst, there are a handful of USA-made devices and hardware.Rasak’s somewhat cavalier attitude makes sense given that whatever turbulence Trump causes on the supply side for American vape manufacturers, he’s likely to make up for by opposing regulations on a different American-made product: “Juice.” The substance vapers inhale, juice is very actively regulated by the FDA, which recently cracked down on the sale of the liquid.

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