Outdoor vs Indoor Shooting Ranges: Which One to Choose

Posted by RitaHPeterson on March 27th, 2019

Love to visit shooting sports? If yes, then prepare yourself to know more fine detailing about the types of shooting ranges. Whether you’re a veteran shooter and have experience with different types of firearms or you are a rookie in the shooting range, you are going to have a choice between the two basic types of shooting ranges that are indoor and outdoor. Every coin has two sides likewise, these two categories have pros and cons.
Therefore, to give you the best exposure suiting your demands, we have brought you the difference between indoor and outdoor shooting range in Florida.

Before getting started it is important to do some homework and that is the research part.  If you want to feel the utmost enjoyment and exposure, all you have to do look for the type that will make you feel comfortable, supported, and informed. Always remember good research saves your lot of time, money, and frustration. Since everyone has their own reasons to enjoy the indoor and outdoor shooting range in Florida, therefore it is important to list your preferences and features that you will be provided to enhance your experience.


If you want to explore the shooting experience during harsh summers or heavy rain, then indoor shooting range can give you all the enjoyment without exposing to the weather. The temperature will be controlled to make your experience wonderful. However, if you are someone who loves nature and love to listen to the chirping of birds during shooting experience then choose an outdoor shooting range.

Convenient Location

Always remember if you live in urban cities, there are high chances that you will be unable to find an outdoor shooting range and you have to travel hours to find the one. But, the good news is indoor shooting ranges are found in densely populated cities like Florida. However, if you want to escape from the four walls and one roof cages, then outdoor shooting range is all you need. It is best for someone who loves long drives as he can enjoy both the experience by traveling so far.


Indoor shooting ranges are built with the aim of safety and therefore they are limited in terms of the caliber and types of bullets. Indoor shooting ranges are constructed in the small area and hence larger caliber guns require more space to avoid ricochets or other potential hazards.
Outdoor shooting range wins this point as pistols and long guns are allowed because of vast space and longer target ranges. If you are looking for skeet and trap, then your wish can be accomplished with the outdoor shooting range.


As indoor shooting range is built inside a space, therefore, it includes firearms for rent and rounds for purchase at the facility, there will be climate-controlled lanes, convenient restrooms, refreshment options, private parking, storage lockers, and other amenities based on the particular indoor shooting range. Meanwhile, outdoor shooting range is constructed in the open space and hence allows for more active training options in some cases.

Conclusion: Be it an indoor or outdoor shooting range, both the types have their own significances. If you want to enjoy the game and it is raining heavily, then indoor shooting range is best for you. And, if you are someone who loves to thrill no matter what the situation is then you are all set to go with the outdoor shooting range.

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