Forms of Packaging

Posted by dell2319h on March 27th, 2019

There are many different types of packaging. It is important that goods are packaged correctly so that when the products are protected when they are transported. Packaging comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.


Foam packaging is used wrap products or to make bags; they are also used to place in the corners of boxes. Foam can be cut to fit around the shape of the product and are used to protect things such as glass and furniture.


There are different types of film packaging. The most common types available are polypropylene, polyvinylchloride and polyethylene. They are available in rolls and are also used to make packaging products such as bags, bubble paper and tubes or tui xop khi


Textile packaging is used to protect products such as car parts during transportation. Textile packaging is often custom made; it is an insert placed on a metal frame that fits into a metal container.


Plastic bags, tui nilong is a common type of packaging used globally. It is used to protect a multitude of products such as clothes, food and hardware. Plastic bags are reusable if treated with care.

Bulk Drums

Bulk drums are used by industrialists and merchandisers to secure bulk quantities of goods such as clothing and merchandise. Bulk drums can carry as much as 2,000 pounds of produce.

Cardboard Carton Packaging

Cardboard packaging is very popular when it comes to the transport of consumer and commercial products. Cardboard packaging is commonly used to hold liquid products such as orange juice and milk. They are also used for products such as washing powder and cereal. Cardboard packaging is created using glue and stiff paper.


Thermoformed packaging is packaging that is molded into the shape of the product that it holds. This type of packaging includes blisters and vacuum-formed trays that are able to slide into other packaging material. They also include clamshells, which are plastic containers that are held together on one side and fold over to shut on the other. These packages are used to hold things such as take-away salads. Blisters hold things such as tablets or gum; vacuum-formed trays are similar to blister trays, except they are designed to hold a specific shape and are then inserted into another box.

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