5 Ways to Modernize Your Office Space to Attract Millennial Workers

Posted by marieorlando19 on March 27th, 2019

The millennial generation is set to take up the biggest segment of the workforce as their numbers grow to 73 million in 2019 according to a recent article, 5 Office Design Trends That Will Attract And Retain Millennial Workers In 2019 by Andrew Oziemblo. Thus, it’s important for business owners to understand that millennials are expecting a more unique workplace environment than any generation that has come before them.

Here are five ways to create an office space more accommodating to millennials.

1. Say farewell to dark and dingy high-walled cubicles

If you want to attract millennials to your company, holding onto your old cubicles is a big no. However, not every business space for rent has to make a huge switch to a totally different open concept design. Using mid-high cubicles, sit-stand desks and group work stations are part of a trend called activity-based work design. These offices create an environment designed to promote activity and physical movement, while also creating quiet zones with noise-canceling panels and even sound booths for those who want complete privacy to make phone calls.

2. Encourage physical movement in the office space

Sitting for long periods of time is both harmful to the brain and body. According to research, sedentary office life puts you at higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, depression, and obesity. Allowing and encouraging your employees to take brief movement breaks, can improve their health and well-being. Creating a common space in your spacious office space with ping pong table or a foosball that gets employees up and moving around can help them go back to work feeling refreshed and energized.

3. Add plants and greenery into your design

Spruce up and decorate your office space with live plants to increase the amount of oxygen circulating in your office, while modernizing the office look and purifying the air at the same time. Adding plants in the workplace has many scientific benefits such as reducing office carbon dioxide levels by approximately 10 percent, reducing stress and diseases and increasing creativity and productivity.

4. Create more natural lighting

While it may not be possible for your business to install windows throughout your office space available in prestigious building, you can still help increase your employees’ productivity and happiness simply by switching your lighting systems. You can switch from that dim, flickering fluorescent lighting to LED or CFL bulbs, which are energy-efficient and gentle on the eyes.



5. Change outdated carpeting to up-to-date flooring

While old-fashioned carpeting can be good for offices where noise is an issue, carpet isn’t popular to millenials, and besides it accumulates dirt, dust and allergens, — which isn’t good for the health of every employee. You can contact commercial building contractors to update your flooring by using vinyl tile, solid tile or natural stone which is becoming more popular commercially. This updated flooring can make an office look more modern and comfortable.

Taking these steps to modernize and update your office space can ensure that your business will be among the top choices for brilliant millennials in the workforce.

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