How to Calculate the Cost of Hair Transplant with Follicle Requirement?

Posted by shreyaavenues on March 27th, 2019

Nowadays, people are very conscious when it comes to their look and hair is the main element of the look of a person. This relation makes it necessary to have healthy and shiny locks but it is not possible in the case of hair loss or male pattern baldness. generally, the patients know about the impacts of hair loss but do not visit the Avenues clinic just because of the hair transplant cost in Ahmedabad such patients should know that hair transplant is an affordable treatment in all the authentic clinic.

The cost of the hair transplant surgery depends on several cost-factors like the reputation of the clinic, experience of the surgeon, facilities provided by the clinic, hair transplant techniques, number of grafts etc.

The main cost factor that decides the total cost is the number of grafts that are needed to cover the bald area.

Before we provide the details of the topic, it is valid to talk about the progression of baldness to better understand the importance of hair grafts in hair transplant surgery.

The experts say that male pattern baldness follows a certain pattern while it affects the entire scalp. The experts divide the progression of baldness into seven main stages and every stage is more severe than the previous stage.

Let us have a brief look at the progression of baldness according to the seven baldness phases.

Stage 1:

At this stage, hairline seems absolutely normal and there is no sign of baldness.

Stage 2:

At the second phase, you can observe a slight change in the shape of hairline because this is the start of the recession of hairline. Thinning around the temple is also observed.

Stage 3:

This stage shows visible signs of baldness and hair thinning is more severe in the temple area. This is the start of hair thinning on the top of the head or crown area. at this stage, everyone knows your scalp is balding.

Stage 4:

The front of the head, temples and crown area show more visible signs of baldness and a large patch of the bald scalp can be observed easily.

Stage 5:

At this stage, the baldness on the temple and baldness on the crown area merges to make a larger bald area.

Stage 6:

At this stage, a large portion of hair is gone. Your forehead is wider and the recession of hairline is extremely severe. A thin layer of hair can be seen on the back and sides of the head.

Stage 7:

This is the severest stage of all the baldness stages and the occurrence of male pattern baldness is unquestionable at this stage.

At the seventh stage of baldness, a thin layer of hair remains on the back and sides of the scalp. This area is called donor area and the hair loss experts borrow these hairs for the hair transplant surgery.

As mentioned above, the cost of the hair transplant depends on the number of hairs that are required to cover the bald area. You may assume that donor area is healthier on the 3 or 4 stages than the stage 6 or 7. It means you have to pay less if you come to the Avenues clinic to have a reasonable hair transplant cost in Ahmedabad.

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