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Posted by Neha Chopra on March 27th, 2019

Skin care products should always be bought with utmost care. In fact, it is always advised not to purchase any skin care product just by looking at the attractive advertisements. This is because all skin care products being marketed might not be suitable for you. You must go for trial of every skin care product on a small area of your skin before you start using it.

You should understand that cosmetics are made of chemicals which might cause allergies on your skin. It might sound bitter but it is the truth that many cosmetic companies do not consider the effects of the chemicals on human body. As a result, when you apply those cosmetics on your face, you start experiencing various types of allergic reactions. These reactions might be mild or short term in nature, but one cannot claim with certainty that they would not cause any long term effect.

This is exactly the reason why you must use cosmetics from branded companies only. You can rely on the branded companies as they do not bring out cosmetics in the market without prior research. Almost every major branded cosmetic company runs a research and development department which tests the cosmetics thoroughly on volunteer subjects before launching them in the market.

There are a few brands such as Bobbi Brown India which are famous for their well-researched products. Another thing you should keep in mind is that once you get comfortable with any particular brand, you should try to stick with it. This is because with usage, your skin develops a certain level of adaptability towards the type of chemicals which are used in that particular brand of cosmetics. This is the reason why even the skin specialists would advise you to use only one brand of cosmetics.

Today, there are a few cosmetic brands available in Indian market which bring out cosmetics of all types. One such brand is Bobbi Brown. Although Bobbi Brown is a true blue American brand, it has been successful in establishing a strong market in India. This is evident by the fact that you would find Bobbi Brown India stores in every shopping mall in India. You do not even need to try locating the stores. You just have to walk in to any shopping mall in any of the metropolitan cities of the country and you would find a Bobbi Brown store.

Another specialty of any Bobbi Brown store in Mumbai is its cordial customer service. In the Mumbai stores, you would be warmly greeted by the staff there and would be offered to try out various types of cosmetics from their test section. So, you get the option to select the particular cosmetic type which would suit you the best.

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