Major Advantages of Availing Services of Public Clouds

Posted by eHosting DataFort on March 27th, 2019

The system of cloud computing is extensively used in the modern world, by individuals, as well as businesses big and small. This system basically entails the process of delivering diverse computing services remotely, via a virtual platform. It allows individuals or organizations to access distinct software and hardware components that are managed by a service provider on-demand. Cloud computing involves a convenient shared pool of multiple computing resources that can be either scaled up or down depending on the evolving needs and requirements of an organization.

There are three major forms in which the services of cloud computing can be availed, they are: public, private and hybrid clouds. Among the tree of them, public clouds are most popularly used in the modern corporate world. This system is based on the standard cloud computing model, where the public cloud service provider makes multiple resources, such as applications or storage, and virtual machines (VMs) available to the public over the internet.

A public cloud tends to be a fully virtualized environment, where the service providers have a multi-tenant architecture that aids the relevant users or tenants to share computing resources. The data of each of the tenant in the public cloud however remains isolated from others. Public cloud service providers ideally rely on high-bandwidth network connectivity in order to rapidly transmit data.

Public clouds have emerged as one of the best ways for companies to scale their IT resources on demand, without having to maintain any extensive infrastructure components, development resources or applications in house. Here are some of the major advantages of availing services of public clouds:

  •  Affordable: Even some of the most reputed and well-established public cloud service providers of the world provide their services at a flexible rate. These service providers typically provide their clients with the advantage of paying for only the extent of services that are used by them.  This factor ideally makes availing these services absolutely perfect for any type of medium or small scale organization that do not have a high IT budget. These cloud services are generally available as per pay-as-you-go models, and as a result companies do not have to make any long-term commitment, if they are not sure about their IT requirements.
  •  Quick set up: The service of public clouds can be purchased easily over the web and then deployed and configured remotely in an instant from the website of the relevant public cloud service provider. This whole process usually is completed within just a few hours. After the setup of the public cloud has been done, the internal IT team of an organization can easily manage the system with the assistance of just a stable internet connection.
  •  Minimalize the staffing cost:  Hiring qualified and experienced IT engineers can be quite expensive for a company, especially if they have quite a small scale operation. By opting to seek out the services of public clouds however entrepreneurs can easily avoid these expenses. In case of this system, relevant service providers would be responsible for wholly managing and maintaining the cloud, as well as taking care of the aspects of its security and upgrades.  

People can easily visit the website of any renowned public cloud service provider in order to get a better insight on this system.

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