What All Is There To Look For While Selecting A Pet Food?

Posted by doggyfriend on March 27th, 2019

Owning a pet means that you will need a number of different pet supplies, like dog toys and leashes, but the most important thing that you can buy for your dog or cat is a nutritious holistic food. Buying pet food in Singapore is both simple and convenient with an enormous number of online as well as offline stores. Still, the question remains intact, ‘Which pet food to buy? ‘

This poses a rather tough question since there are not only hundreds of brands of dog food out there but also of different types. While a lot goes into HOW to choose the best dog food, we are going to make a little more convenient by breaking down the characteristics and listing the best options available by type.

Types of Dog Food

  • Dry food

Mostly referred to as Kibble, dry dog food is the most convenient and the cheapest option. Kibble is easy to store, easy to feed and have a decent shelf life. It comes in various price ranges as well. The better brands, however, do offer a range of flavors along with vitamins and nutrients for your dog.

Addiction pet food is a great example of the same. Eateries by this brand contain absolutely no filler, by-products, artificial colors or flavors. It’s wholly a natural product. Its formulas are grain – free.

  • Wet food

Wet dog food usually comes in cans, but may also be offered in another packaging like trays. It is definitely tastier than kibble and usually appeals to almost all dogs. While it comes with a higher price tag, it also comes with greater nutritional value. Addiction pet food offers 8 varieties in the wet food range.

  • Raw food

Raw food is the most nutrients packed. It comes in various types, including frozen raw, freeze-dried, and dehydrated. Raw dog food maintains the natural flavors and smell, thus appealing the most to any dog.

The type of food you serve to your dog will depend on their needs, your affordability, and their preferences. Whichever type you choose, however, it is important to remember that quality comes with a price, but it has to be worthy for your fur baby’s health.

Tips to Choose the Best Pet (dog) Food in Singapore

  1. It is essential to buy the correct food according to your dog’s age.
  2. Dogs might be allergic to even the best. Sometimes, dogs have individual food allergies. Look into it and avoid feeding that specific product or ingredient.
  3. Always get small packages or samples.
  4. Practice rotation. No one likes to eat the same food for their entire lives.
  5. Choose whole meats instead of labels that carry words like ‘flavor’.

Now that it’s all clear about the tips and diet, you surely feed your pet with the best! From our side, we are happy to recommend DoggyFriend to you. This is an online store which has all the top food brands for your pet and also deals in grooming and other regular accessories. They are sited in Singapore and are happily serving their customer base with the amazing brands they offer.

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