Hiring Locally: What Are the Benefits?

Posted by Tom Clark on March 28th, 2019

In every industry, there is always a different level of respect given to companies that are locally owned and operated. These businesses which are usually run by the same family for generations earn the mark of quality. Even with the popularity of global brands and companies which operate internationally, there are still many benefits to choosing a local company. In plant hire services, these same advantages also apply. In many ways, hiring locally makes more sense if you are a project-based contractor looking to hire heavy equipment for a project.

Minimise the cost of fuel and logistics expenses

If you are undertaking a construction project within the Chesterfield area, renting equipment from local Plant Hire Chesterfield companies can help you save money on the cost of fuel as well as the expenses for delivering the machines to the job site. Although most contractors already have contacts within their network, it is still a more economical solution to rent from a company close to the project location. Moreover, you will not have to worry about delivery delays and appreciate a faster turnover especially if you need equipment on short notice.

Local plant hire companies are familiar with the area

Apart from providing you with quality equipment you need for the job, local companies know the area quite well and can make expert suggestions on which pieces of machinery you may need later on. These local plant hire services may have already rented out machinery for similar jobs close to the project site and will not have any difficulty with helping you operate the rented equipment so that you can get the most out of your rental.

Supporting a local business fosters trust and confidence in the industry

By renting equipment from a local plant hire service, you are supporting the industry and helping it grow. The UK plant hire industry profits from the high demand coming from commercial and residential construction projects. If you hire from a company that operates locally within the project area, you are helping bolster the industry and invite more confidence from other plant hire firms.

Personalised service

Smaller companies tend to have more personalised services than large corporations. These small companies are operated by the same people who own them, which means you will get excellent service all the time. These smaller rental companies make it a point to stand out against the competition by making sure that they give their clients the best customer experience possible.

Access to high-quality equipment

Contrary to what some people may assume, even small locally operated plant hire services have an extensive inventory of equipment rented for various industrial and commercial construction projects. From heavy equipment such as cranes, tipper trucks, loaders, and bulldozers to small hand-held construction tools and portable generators. Nonetheless, if you are concerned about the availability of specific pieces of machinery you need for a project, you can always enquire ahead of time if a local plant hire company can supply all the equipment you need.

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