How to Create an Effective Business Strategy For 2019

Posted by Flexifa on March 28th, 2019

A lack of a plan or strategy can result in the downfall of a company, and with the dawn of a new year, every company would be looking at creating a business strategy for 2019. However, it will not suffice to have a business strategy for the sake of having one.

If you want to succeed in 2019 and see significant growth in your business, you will want to create an effective business strategy this year. And if you are wondering how to accomplish this task, here are a few ways how to.

A look back

In order to plan the future, you need to have a look at the past. How was 2018 for your business? What challenges did you face? How many goals did you meet? What significant changes occurred within the company?

Your start-up may have hired bookkeeping services like Flexi Financial Solutions, or you may have implemented a new digital marketing strategy. What were the results of these changes? How did the company fare in 2018?

Review the previous year so that you have an idea of what to expect in 2019. Learn from your mistakes and work on improvements. This will help you create an effective business strategy for 2019.

New goals

A business strategy won’t bring the company significant growth or success if the goals are the same as the previous year. By having the same goals, your business strategy may be the same as last years and you may also miss out on some great opportunities for growth.

By establishing new goals, you can bring something new to the company. And when deciding on goals, remember that they should be SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.


Research is important when creating business strategies, no matter what field you are in. From accounting companies to app developing companies, everyone needs to do research when creating an effective business strategy for 2019.

Gather the facts, both from previous years and also anything relevant to 2019. Use these to create a business strategy that will ensure the growth of the company.


When creating an effective business strategy, it does not suffice to only look at your company, its past strategies and their impact. Accounting companies, for instance, that are creating a business strategy for 2019, need to look at their target audience.

Review your target audience. What age group or region are you aiming at? What trends do they follow? Which platforms do they use the most? A good understanding of your target audience and the change they’ve gone through will help you create an effective business strategy.


Whether you are establishing new goals or effective strategies, you can’t do it at once or by yourself. Brainstorm as a team, and see what will benefit your company. By having everyone share their ideas, you will be able to have different perspectives to a single thing.

If, for instance, you made a decision to hire bookkeeping services like Flexi Financial Solutions for your company, you may now be able to allocate resources to another aspect of the business. Your team may have some great ideas about how to allocate these resources, which is why it’s important to brainstorm.

Look at what’s popular

Every year, trends are predicted for every field imaginable. From food to travel to fashion to social media, the year’s trends are spoken about at the beginning of the year. These usually give us an idea about what to expect and more importantly, what to consider when creating a business strategy for the year.

Look at trends for the year, as well as what’s currently popular. Are there any strategies that have people talking? You may not want to adopt these as they are word for word, but you can learn from what’s popular and adapt them so your business strategy for 2019 is effective.

Time and resources

No matter how much research, planning or brainstorming goes into creating a business strategy for 2019, it won’t be effective if you don’t consider two things; time and resources. What resources can your company allocate or make use of when implementing your business strategy for the year? Can your goals be attained by the date you are aiming for?

Make sure deadlines are practical and that resources are available when creating your business strategy for 2019.

Author Bio: Neil Wagner is a retired London Financial Consultant, currently working as a digital content developer for a private magazine publishers in London. He is writing contents about Financial solutions and services, for the business column of the magazine.

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