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Posted by Rich Blogger on March 28th, 2019

A powerful API makes an application stronger and high on performance. And that is what is needed when it comes to Know Your Customer compliance. Banking transactions, e-payment of bills, transfer of money etc are transactions of serious nature which are incurred by the customers on a day to day basis. It is important to verify and authenticate these transactions and monitor them for their genuineness.

It all begins with a strict Know Your Customer norms and its tracking through multiple online applications. Flinks is one of the most reliable API providers for the online platforms making it easier for the applications to channelize authentic measures for verification, approval, and authentication of KYC.

Reliable KYC

The data that your customers provide you with and the real data that exists in the government records need to be in sync. And this is what KYC seeks to achieve. The recording of the data given from the customers and authenticating it with that of registration with the government! Any glitch here makes the customers unable to use the platforms. Flinks provides for a sound API system that makes reliable KYC possible!

Real Time Compliance

Sometimes uploading of the documents from the customers, their submission, checking of the data online and getting it approved might take a lot of time. It results in making KYC a tedious task which ultimately leads to customer drop-outs. The app API allows for a real time compliance making it all a worthy process that is undertaken in the least of time possible. Any unnecessary delays are avoided to provide for a sound system and its adherence with suitable performance.

Seamless integration within the online application

Integration of online data with the documents provided isn’t a hefty task anymore. It’s indeed a robust process to make technology a master. The platform provides for seamless integration of data provided by the customers and records them in the data base with perfection. Best documentation service is promised.

Integration with developer apps

Different developers develop their apps with their unique coding mechanisms. Not all API and software work in great sync to provide for swift use and easy working. The KYC API with the platform provides for a rather easy integration with developer apps of various coding enabling user-friendly designs and a sound performance. It is easy to integrate with any coding system.

Flinks is by far the most powerful and seamless data integration KYC system with reliability and user-friendliness as the prime driving factors. It is an investment to uplift your business!

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