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Payroll Accounting with Quicken Accounting Service

Posted by williamjones1 on March 28th, 2019

Quicken Home & Business comes with no integrated payroll option and you can't just download an external plugin to avail a payroll option. The accounting program has no interface with the standalone payroll programs like QuickBooks Payroll, Select Payroll. If you decide or are determines to use a standalone payroll program, you must manually enter payroll data and hours of each one of your employee separately and enter the total amount of your company's payroll into Quicken Home & Business.

Intuit Online Payroll Processing Service has no connection with the Quicken Home & Business nor is the service capable of sending payroll data to Quicken Home & Business. You are required to manually enter your employee's personal information and work hours into the online payroll service to process your company's payroll. Intuit service generates payroll reports for you so that you can manually enter the amount of your payroll that you came up with into Quicken Home & Business. Intuit Online Payroll offers a 30-day free trial.

The online payroll service ensures that you complete the end-of-year tax processing which includes printing and processing W-2s and W-3s as well as the process of electronic tax filings. Intuit Online Payroll is capable of sending email reminders through email medium when the company's payroll is due – weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. The online payroll service even offers free support from payroll experts in the event you encounter a problem during payroll or tax processing.

Accounting and Payroll Management is a hefty task for businesses whether big or small. Outsourcing such a cumbersome task to someone expert in the subject matter will not only greatly reduce the burden from your business but also ease out and smoothens functioning of the financial and accounting task for business and homes. Quicken Accounting Service is the best accounting service for both small businesses and home accounting and financial management task. Get in touch with an accounting and financial service provider who can handle the task well when outsourced.

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