How tourism translation could assets in medical tourism?

Posted by Nesma on March 28th, 2019

Are medical tourism will be a global industry?


How tourism translation could assets in medical tourism?

 Actually, after the rise of medical and healthcare costs in most of the countries, many patients trying to find another solution and going abroad to get medical care in low cost, which found in other countries.

The patient who is traveling to find healthcare in other countries rapidly increase nowadays, they searching for broad healthcare and low cost which doesn't found in their countries also they searching for quality care and a relaxing environment

Besides, this industry proved beneficially for the tourism industry at all, actually, medical tourism adds more benefits to healthcare consumers.

Additionally, we realized more countries pay attention to the huge growth in this industry and give it much care; moreover, we realized the Tourism Translation Services vital role in this industry.

Here're you will find most countries which are famous in this industry


 Well-known in the middle east with this kind of tourism, offers cosmetics surgery,  Bariatric Surgery, Cardiology in low cost with quality treatment and relaxing landscapes


Indeed, India from most countries that depend on the healthcare tourism industry

The patients love to travel to India to get medical care because of the fast responding and the great landscape they have in India.


  Brazil from the countries, which offers cosmetics and plastic surgery with high quality.


Malaysia from fewer countries, which their government promote this industry

Actually, it offers five-star healthcare, besides offering quality services for the patient.


Thailand is leading the medical tourism in Asia furthermore, It well known for cosmetics and plastic surgery, Cardiac procedures, Ophthalmology and eye surgeries, and dermatological care.


In fact, this industry from the flourish industries in Turkey, moreover, most visitors to it from Europe, Russia, Turkic republics and Gulf countries.

Additionally, well-known with transplant surgery, radiation therapy for cancer; orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, and genomic medicine deliver it with quality, moreover, they offer a discount on the flight of patient.


Mexico from countries that famous in dentistry and cosmetic surgery.

Costa Rica

They have a name in this field's eye surgery, cancer therapy, and bariatric surgery.


They build a name in this field's cardiac diseases and orthopedic conditions and kidney transplant. Also, the first pediatric liver transplant in Asia was performed by surgeons at the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital.

South Korea

They know in minimally invasive spinal surgery, also they offer insurance covers injury; stress disorders and the death of the patient if occurred while the surgery.


Well-known in Asian countries in offering a high quality healthcare.

Tourism translation role in evade challenges in medical tourism

Absolutely, this big industry has a critical need for good quality and accurate translation because any small error will harm, or do a side effect to a patient, so it is a great responsibility for any travel agency owner.

To find a solution to the language barrier which every travel patient will face in the destiny or country they are going to.

Also has an important role in medical documents, which need an accurate translation also, agreements, appointments, and transcriptions

Hence, they must hire a professional Translation Company, which can handle this difficult sector and has experience in this kind of translation.


We talked about an important and big industry like medical tourism industry (healthcare), and how it has gained more reputation in some countries. Besides, we also mentioned some of the countries, which has famous healthcare fields, and we highlighted these fields.

Additionally, you found out the vital role of translation and how essential to hire professional translation services like those that, we said above.

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