How to keep children at school safe

Posted by Nishtha Sharma on March 29th, 2019

Sending your kids to school can be a big step for them and you as well. Before you make any decision then of which playschool you want to put your child in, a necessary thing you need to check is safety. Creating and maintaining a safe environment at school is a basic necessity for every caregiver, be it a parent or an early childhood educator.

A safe environment for your child is the one that provides freedom for harm and offers a sense of security in which your child can play, develop, and learn. You might have figured out by now that when young kids play and explore, minor injuries and accidents might happen. However, these accidents can easily be prevented. The first step you need to take forward for your kid's safety is to see that the playschool you are thinking of enrolling to have strict safety guidelines.

As a parent, you need to check the following things like -

  • Do the toys and furniture in the school have sharp edges?

  • Are the toys in the campus washed on a regular basis?

  • Is the school clean, safe and secure?

  • Are all the electrical fittings beyond your kids reach?

  • Are the bathrooms clean in the school premise?

  • Are there gates in front of the stairways?

  • Is the outdoor area fenced?

Safety in classrooms

When you go for campus tours, check for all safety hazards within the classroom. Make sure that the plug points are beyond the child’s reach. See if all the loose cords are tied up to avoid children getting trapped. Another thing to keep in mind is that no gaps should be there where your kids fingers, arms or legs can easily get caught. Use door stoppers and ensure that the doorknobs are beyond the child’s reach. This will ensure that no child can open or close the door on their own. The stairs need to have safety gates, and the windows need to be grilled.


Kids need to engage in outdoor play every day. Some of the outdoor activities include playing on large motor equipment such as swings, trampolines, slides, etc., water and sand play, etc. As children play with such equipment, you need to ensure that these are safe. As the activities happen on open ground, you need to make sure that the outdoor is fenced and the equipments are placed on a shock-absorbing surface such as sand or grass.

It is of paramount importance that all the materials are clean and have no sharp edges. The school or you as a parent needs to teach kids some basic rules of playground safety, for instance, not climbing up slides or walking in front of or behind a swing when another child is on it.


The bathroom is potentially the most dangerous area for children, but quite impossible to make this area out of bounds for your child. Hence, it should be carefully planned. Make sure that the floor surface is anti-slip to prevent falls since the surface is likely to be slippery due to water.

Now that you know what points should be kept in mind while thinking about your kids safety. The next step is to figure out the school. One of the best playschools in India is Kidzee. When it comes to safety they have paid attention to all of the things mentioned above.

Their aim as a school is to dedicate a scheme of structured learning every year, combined with a regular, frequent, systematic regime of workshops, seminars and knowledge sharing sessions by subject matter experts and field specialists, empower the Kidzee teachers to become premium-quality facilitators, if not first-grade ECCE (Early Childhood Care & Education) experts. Their playschool admission is also now open.

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