How to Use Inflatable Yacht Slide Safely

Posted by sunjoy on March 29th, 2019

More and more people are getting ready to enjoy their favorite water sports as hot summer approaches. Some people choose to paddle their inflatable kayaks or stand up paddle boards, some people choose to visit a floating water park or create their backyard water park by purchasing an inflatable slide and pool. There are a variety of inflatable water games on the market can help you to have fun and stay cool in the sun. But if you have a yacht or cruiser for the family, it's highly recommended to get a specialty designed inflatable yacht slide for your cruiser.

An inflatable yacht slide is dubbed the quickest way from yacht to water by the industry leaders. Unlike other inflatable water slides used on lane, this inflatable yacht slide is floating on the water and attach to the main deck of a yacht. People can slide down into the refreshing water beneath for high flying entertainment during warm summer days. Yachting is a popular family activity, if you want a better idea to stay cool while you are parking in a calm bay or lake, this inflatable yacht slide is moving the water slide to your yacht.

Both kids and adults can enjoy this exciting water slide on your yacht. When summer begins, you can also add more fun floating water games near your yacht to create a great floating water park, for example, a water trampoline, blob jump, ocean pool, floating rock climbing mountain, and so on. These additional inflatable water games for a yacht are so enjoyable, however, you need to pay attention to how to use them safely.

This inflatable yacht slide was designed for people to down into water from the tall deck safely at first. You see, kids directly jump from the boat's side may not be safe, so inflatable yacht slide provides a safe and fun way to get into the water without hurt. But you should also keep an eye on the use of this enormous recreational item.

1. Keep watching the children

I don't need to tell you how much children like to slide down this fun yacht slide. Parents are required to keep an eye on their kids while they are playing inflatable slides in amusement parks, so as the same on this floating water slide. If kids don't follow the safety rules of these floating inflatables, it may cause drowning or getting hurt.

2. Set up the inflatable yacht slide properly

When you inflatable your floating yacht slide and attach it to the slide of your boat, you need to make sure your boat is not moving while using this slide. If your yacht is moving, the swimmers could be caught in the undertow of the boat's movement or be left behind inadvertently. Therefore, keep your yacht stationary after the slide is set up and before it's took down.

3. Keep adults sober

Many adults will take along wine, beer and other spirits on their yachting, it's not safe for a person who drinks alcohol to slide down an inflatable yacht slide, bounce off the inflatable blob or play on a floating water park. Therefore, if you are planning to set up an inflatable yacht slide and enjoy a cool afternoon, it's wise to keep everyone sober before playing on this item.

4. Wear the life jacket

When you decide to set to a floating yacht slide next to your boat, this is not a single slide anymore, it's a large floating aqua park. And it's locate on the wild water, probably without any lifeguard. That's why you need to make sure everyone has worn a life jacket for safe play.

When sailing your boat or yacht to a particular spot, drop the anchor and have an inflatable yacht slide attached to your boat to keep your family entertained for hours. Always remember safe play is the funnest play. The inflatable yacht slide also can be used as an inflatable escape slide, that's because it can be attached to your house so that people can escape the building through the slide if there is an emergency. Sunjoy Inflatables provides high quality inflatable yacht slides and custom service according to your needs, get you own air sealed floating yacht slide today!

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