The great advantages of Timothy Hay

Posted by Gabriel Fulton on March 29th, 2019

Pet owners should be well aware of what they are feeding their pets, as it has a direct impact on their health and wellbeing. Making the right choices is highly important and the good news is that there are plenty brands to choose from and high-quality products that stand out and make a difference. Timothy Hay is highly beneficial from a dietary point of view and it should be included in small pets’ lives. It contains a lot of fibers, helping the digestive system work properly. Health should always come first.

Rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and such need to chew herbivore food to wear down and clean growing teeth. Their growing cheek teeth are located in the back of their mouth and they are known as the large grinding teeth. Due to evolution, these grow constantly and this means it is essential for animals to wear them down, otherwise serious complications arise. In addition to Timothy hay, you can also provide chew sticks. As long as you watch out what your pet eats and you make sure it always has hay, fresh water, pellets and fresh vegetables, you will have a healthy and loving companion by your side.

As it happens with all products available out there, not all hay types are the same and you can find several brands offering these product. They differ in nutrients and structure and you can take a look at different manufacturers and read descriptions and labels. This way, you will learn more about the food you offer to your pet. A pet shop usually has a large variety of food supplies and can give you valuable insight on what is more suitable. For instance, Alfalfa Hay is a better option for growing animals and you can provide it to your rabbit in development stages or during pregnancy.

Any supply you require for your pet can be purchased from a pet shop and you should be aware of the existing possibilities. In case you prefer online shopping in general, there are online stores that have supplies for any type of animal you care for and they provide fast shipping and great prices. It is easier to make lists, add products in the shopping cart, compare versions, check out and wait for delivery. The time saved can be spent with your furry friend, playing and bonding together.

Have you introduced a new member in your family? If you happen to have a rabbit or guinea pig, or any small rodent for that matter, Timothy Hay is highly recommended. You can find it at this pet shop, along with other supplies that come in handy.

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