Netflix Clone app: The Nitty-Gritty Details

Posted by Angeline on March 29th, 2019

The advent of video streaming apps has changed the outlook on how users view digital media. The users have switched from traditional media to digital one since the smartphones came into the scene. This article will shed light on one of the most sought out after Video streaming apps and how the market is open for budding entrepreneurs.

Video Streaming Market

Top players like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime have created the video streaming market as we now see it. Users can now see their favourite shows and films irrespective of the geographical boundaries and cover a large demographic of the age group of 18-35 years.

The above graph shows a sharp increase in user’s demand in video streaming services and the industry is raking in profits. The industry is open to new ideas and new apps as it is still young. If you are an entrepreneur looking to make a mark in the video streaming market then acquiring an app is your solution.

When it comes to creating a video streaming app, you have two choices. The first choice is to create the app from scratch. But the con in this is that the time and money is very high for an upcoming entrepreneur. The second option is the clone apps. Clone apps are the basic framework of the original app with basic functionality and can be extensively customized. This is cost-effective and easier to develop compared to their counterparts. There is a list of must-have features in your Netflix clone app.


In your video streaming platform, there will be a ton of video content and they have to be sorted through genres. This video library must contain all the genres to attract a large demographic of users.

Search Engine

A powerful search engine is a must have in the video streaming app. The option must allow the user to search and receive the results faster.

User Profile

This feature allows the user to create a profile for themselves, choose the genres, make payment, watch it, save it for later and a wide range of other actions that the user can perform.


This feature allows the user in your Netflix clone app to add videos they wish to watch next. Users can also set notifications to remind themselves to watch the series.


Your Netflix like app should extend beyond the geographical boundaries and attract a wider range of users. Providing multilingual videos would help users to watch videos in their language.

How to Monetize from Netflix like App

The video on demand apps like Netflix and Hulu is primarily based on subscription-based monetization model. Basically, it allows the user to watch any number of series or shows without any hassles. Apart from this, your app should provide an in-app ad option to generate revenue. These are some of the ways where you can rake in profits without any hassles.


If you wish to join the league of top players in the video streaming market the choose Appdupe as your solution. AppDupe is a forerunner in the field of clone app development and can help you in developing the best video streaming app clone script in the market.

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