Can Ime 9 Cure People Suffering From Diabetes?

Posted by Sundhar on March 29th, 2019

The type 2 diabetes is caused which the body do not produce enough insulin to digest artificial sugar consumed. The medicines patients take either increase the level of insulin secretion or its effectivity.  But all the drugs do not treat diabetes. But there is one such ayurvedic medicine that people are unaware of who guarantee to remedies diabetes; it is Ime 9. The Ime 9 tablet are one of the best natural medication which help in the treatment of type 2 diabetes taken and can be taken with the ongoing treatment. 

The tablet is made from the mix of herbs found in natural known for reducing sugar level in the blood. It was used by Ayurvedic, Unani, and Tibbi practitioners for aeons to control the level of sugar.

The composition of the Ime tablets is bitter in taste which has an impact on the pancreatic secretion responsible from insulin in the body, and hence helps in improving the intake of sugar by the blood cells and sensitizing the insulin receptors.

But is it not the replacement for the allopathic medicines for diabetes. It helps to regulate the blood sugar level combined with exercise. 

The ingredients of the tablet are 

    amra – This is the primary ingredients of the medicine which helps in stimulating the production of insulin by beta cells

    Shudh Shailajit – it helps in protecting the beta cells in the body

    Gudmar - It helps in decreasing insulin resistance in the body

    jamun – this ingredient helps in the prevention of rising in sugar levels after intake of food

    karela – it is one of the most effective bio-active compound herbs that helps in lowering the blood sugar level.

Benefits of Ime 9-

    Help in controlling sugar level

    Recover beta cells

    Decrease the resistance of insulin

    It has natural anti-oxidant properties

    It postpones the glucose assimilation in the digestive system


Side effects of Ime 9-

    There is no known harmful side effect of the medicine as per clinical records of CARIHD but some people may develop an allergic reaction from the ingredients of the compound. In some cases, the skin may become patchy or itchy. 

    Another side effect of this drug is sleepiness and fatigue. But this is not a long term side effect, and once you stop taking this medicine, it will go away.

    Taking this medicine causes the skin to become dry, and it takes time to come back to normal. 

It is mostly prescribed to people suffering from early symptoms of diabetes. Kudos laboratories India Ltd manufacture ime 9 tablets. You should only consume this drug after the consultation with your doctor while taking your regular allopathic medicines. 

Ime 9 works by increasing the level of insulin produced by the pancreas and delay the absorption of carbohydrates in the intestine. Other than diabetes it is also prescribed in case of medical conditions such as coronary heart disease, skin infections, high blood pressure, etc.

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