Top Apps You Did Not Know Were Built On React Native Framework

Posted by christinacanfield on March 29th, 2019

Developed as a part of a Hackathon, who knew React Native would become so popular and widely used over the years. Now it is considered an effectual technology and JavaScript framework that has made the task of UI development and UX design easier for developers around the world.

Numerous popular apps that we use almost every day are based upon react native and I am sure we have never even realized it. Most of these apps are developed or owned by Facebook as the company is the one who brought this framework to the market. However, some are unrelated to Facebook and still incorporated react native.


A news-sharing platform, Bloomberg has an extensive directory containing news and updates regarding businesses and finances across the world. However, the app has now transformed its UI design and it has been improved using react native. This incorporation of react native allowed the creators to simplify the app’s interface and make the development process short for cross-platform mobile platforms.

Facebook Ads Manager

Since Facebook has developed react native, the company has based both its main Facebook app and the Facebook Ads Manager app on react native framework. The framework has derived from JavaScript so it was the perfect choice for Facebook to use in the UI of Ads Manager. The features based on react native app development are the date formats and currencies used.


The UberEats app is not entirely developed upon react native but the framework has played a main role in its overall user experience. The focus of the creators was to enhance the UX along with the UI for UberEats and that is exactly what has improved after its use. Now customers can easily view restaurants and order what they want from the dashboard. The layout is not as complex as it was in the beginning so you can say using this framework was a smart choice.


The Instagram app was not initially developed in a native environment but the risk of shifting the app to react native proved to be successful. Now both the Android and IOS versions of Instagram are react native-based and have all the commendable qualities of a good UI design. The reason to use this framework was related to the user-friendliness of the app and that is exactly what was achieved from doing so.

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