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Posted by StevenHWicker on March 29th, 2019

We know you are busy and we really want to help. We suggest installing an irrigation system to help you with the watering task. With a proper irrigation system, you can say bye bye to the tedious task of watering plants. Garden irrigation systems are changing the way of maintaining a garden around the world. They not only save time but increase efficiency up to 90% which can be achieved using a drip irrigation system in lieu of the traditional garden hose.

As the expert gardening services of Melbourne, we offer a wide variety of irrigation systems fitted with high-quality components only for your garden. From drip irrigation to irrigation systems for lawn and garden, you name it and we can offer it to you.

Three things matter the most with regards to irrigation method – the quality of design, the material used and installation techniques. The quality of design directly affects the efficacy of water and power. The quality of the materials used dictates the longevity of the irrigation system and the installation techniques affect the ease of operation and the garden health. Since the weather of Melbourne doesn’t require watering systems to be used around the year, it is important to ensure the irrigation system remains healthy even when it stays nonoperational. Lawn and garden care Melbourne

Factors affecting the efficiency of garden watering

Several factors affect the efficacy of garden watering:

Root Zones absorb water – The roots of the plant absorb water and soil nutrients. People often wet the leaves which is literally of no use. In fact, wetting the leaves can promote the spread of disease and therefore should be avoided.

Water, only when needed – Too much water is as harmful as too little. There is no rule to how much you need to water. It entirely depends on the season, soil, type of plant and the weather.

Water deeply and thoroughly – Deep watering is essential and should be done at least once a week. It improves plant health.

The time of watering – As a reputed garden care service in Melbourne, we strongly recommend gardening plants in the morning since it gives enough time to dry off the leaves and also help in containing plant diseases.

Mulching is very effective – It slows down the evaporation of water from the soil and reduces surface runoff.

The way garden watering systems work

The basic purpose of a garden watering system is to transport water around the garden through supply pipes connected to a water source (generally a standard outdoor tap). The irrigation supply pipes layout is designed to ensure water supply to all the plants in the garden. The pipe matrix is connected to water outlets, which will then control the release of water.

Types of irrigation systems and their benefits

Fundamentally there are two different types of garden irrigation – watering by hand and a well-designed garden watering system.

The traditional method of watering by hand is done with the help of a garden hose and spray nozzle. This method can be practical and effective only if it is done right. The benefit of this method is that your personal judgment can be used regarding the requirement of water since you know your plants best.

With regards to a full-fledged irrigation system, there are quite a few varieties to choose from:

Drip Irrigation systems

The most efficient of all the garden watering systems. They are both time saving and water conserving as they release water right at the roots of the plants. The irrigation system involves a network of pipes involving connected drip emitters positions near the base of the plans. They release water slowly to ensure that the roots get enough time to soak the water. You can have greater control over the amount of water being delivered to the plants and thus eliminate water wastage up to as much as 80%. We recommend this kind of irrigation for vegetable patches, greenhouses, flower beds, hanging plants, plants in containers and borders of your garden.

Soaker Hose Systems

These consist of a porous pipe which releases water throughout its length. They are ideal for deep soaking the water which is the necessity in structures like vegetable patches, hedgerows and other large areas. They are available in a wide range of lengths – from a micro size of 4mm diameter to 13mm diameter. We consider the requirement of a garden and then include this kind of system accordingly.

Watering the Lawn

Your lawn is made of grass after-all and it needs watering, especially during spring and summer. The dry spells can dehydrate the grass leading to a change in colour. And nobody likes a straw coloured lawn. However, watering the lawn is not an easy task. The ground has to be soaked at least up to a depth of 4 inches to get the right green colour.

We offer a range of lawn watering solutions only for you. Reputed as one of the best gardeners in Melbourne, our gardeners know the expert tricks to water the lawn.

Our lawn watering solution typically involves the following:

A pop–up sprinkler system – Ideal for automatic water of a garden. They have high efficiency and requires minimal effort. They are one of the most important equipment for lawn care.

Oscillating Sprinkler – This involves a horizontal tube with a number of water jets which turn from one side to the other. They spray water in a rectangular pattern. They can be adjusted depending on the area to be watered.

Travelling Sprinkler – Good for watering large areas. This kind moves along a pre-determined path and can cover about 60m length. The spraying pattern might be uneven.

Rotating Sprinkler – Good for watering a lawn from all sides. They have a rotating arm which generates a circle of thin water droplets to spray a particular area. Landscape garden

Sprinkler Hose – This involves a flat hosepipe fitted with a line of fine jets. It can be inverted for deep watering a flower bed.

Impact Sprinkler – A single jet producing water droplets through a narrow arc. A serial of pulses are produced as the jet rotates so that a large area can be watered.

Pop Up Sprinkler Systems – This is an underground watering system which can be seen only when it is activated. A computerized timer can help you control it. They have great coverage and are the most efficient of all kinds of sprinklers.

Apart from irrigation systems, we also have a range of services on offer for you. We are renowned for providing cheap gardening services in Melbourne. Contact Us today to know how we can help with your gardening needs.

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