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Posted by Mia Sophia on March 29th, 2019

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Many studies have shown relationships these days don’t last as long as the relationships did in the past. This may be shocking for many people but it is a fact. There are various reasons for this. But technology can be blamed for this to a great extent. The rise and popularity of smartphones, the internet, social media and dating apps have worsened the situation.

People these days are not as sincere and loyal to their partners as they were in the past. Many people start another relationship when they are already taken or married. They date their matches from social sites and dating apps without considering what effects this act of theirs will have on their partners. But people ignore such things. This is a serious issue for both men and women.

We can’t specify whether men or women cheat more. But both groups do cheating on their partners. What they do has serious impacts on the partners and hurt them a lot. For this reason, many worried partners want to find out what their spouses are up to and why they are cheating on them. They use the hidden android spy app to catch the cheating partners.

Hidden Phone App to Catch Cheating Partners

BlurSPY is the best spy app when it comes to tracking partners and spouses. The app offers many useful features that can change the way you catch any cheating partner. With the features, you can sneak into their phones and tablets. The great thing about this app is that it is invisible. When you install the app it works in the background so your spouse will not be able to detect the app.

Features of BlurSPY App

It should be noted that the features of any spy app are the most important thing because they decide what you be able to do. The useful features determine to an extent you can spy on your partners and sneak into their phones and devices. BlurSPY has all the best and latest feature you will need to spy on your husband or wife. The best features are listed below.

Tracking Phone Calls

This feature allows people in relationships to spy on the phone calls of their partners. The users can live to intercept any incoming or outgoing phone calls. They can also record phone calls whenever they want. This feature is useful to see who your partners talk on call.

Text Message Tracker

The text messages for a partner can be very important on the phone of their husband or wife. BlurSPY empowers its users to spy on the text messages with this feature. You will be able to see and view their messages, all chats, and conversations. You can also block any number to not get messagesGPS Location Tracker

Sometimes people want to track the locations of their partners because they doubt their activities. This issue can be fixed with this feature of BlurSPY app. The feature allows users to track the live locations of the target phone and see where the person is going. The app provides a complete list of weekly locations.

Hacking Social Media

Have you ever thought of hacking the social media of your partners? Apparently, this may not be possible. But you can do this with BlurSPY app with great ease and comfort. There is a feature called screen recorder that allows users to hack social media accounts and get access to the messages.

Multimedia Monitoring

There are some important multimedia files on every phone. So can be the case for your partner. The photos and gallery may have some proofs that will help you know who they are meeting and dating. BlurSPY users can view all the photos, audio and video files.

Bugging Mic and Camera

Here comes one of the most advanced and very useful features for people in relationships. This feature is called bugging the mic and camera. With this option, the BlurSPY users can bug or hack the mic of the target phone to listen to the voices in the surrounding. The users can also bug the camera to turn on the camera of the device and capture pictures and videos. This is surely a great feature.

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