Everything you never wanted to know about Membrane Keyboards:

Posted by markwahlbargg on March 30th, 2019

Today here we are going to find the key to get a good keyboard, to write on the writing device and to which we can consider the touch by computer rambling. Because despite the proliferation of touch screen technology, very practical for some uses and also as finger remover, when it comes to writing really, you cannot even get the same experience or performance of writing with another input peripheral other than the veteran keyboard.

Everyone knows what a keyboard is but not many know how a good keyboard knows, nor dominate all that world of sensations and technology that intervene during and after the pulsations. In addition, to annoy the satisfaction with your current keyboard and return sybarite to your finger palate, this punishment comes.

Guide to membrane keyboards and mechanics in depth:

A usual classification of membrane keypad is made based on the technology used, especially referring to the technology of the type of switches that generate the key press. Two major groups stand out from this classification: membrane keyboards and mechanical keyboards; and advancing in the subject of the flavors.

Membrane Keypads:

The technology of the silicone rubber keypads is based on sheets extended along the interior of the keyboard, two of these sheets have printed the electrical circuit, a third separator between the two, and the fourth layer is a membrane where they rise the switches in the form of rubber domes.

The membrane has a rubber dome that is located under each key, and each key includes a plunger inside, as this is pressed the plunger pushes the rubber dome and closes the electrical circuit to produce contact in the lower layers, generating thus the signal of pulsation of the key.

Membrane keyboards use switches rubber dome that performs their function by push. It is a rudimentary technology with some deficiencies but strongly extended.

Operation membrane rubber dome switch:

If you are wondering if your keyboard should be membrane you can bet that, because 90% of the keyboards are and because those who do not have a membrane keypad know it.

Based on membrane technology there are several variants, a particular case are the scissor switches, these also use rubber domes but to press them to incorporate a plastic mechanism in the form of scissors that allows them to sink the key to the bottom with less displacement and return it up faster once we release it.

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