Common Equipment Rental Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by Nabin Shaw on March 30th, 2019

For many years now, a lot of contractors have relied on equipment rental in accomplishing various projects. Equipment rental is an essential part of your budgeting and planning process that can save your company significant time and money. This is only the case if your transactions are done smoothly and without any lapses. Make sure to pay attention to these not-so-little details that we often overlook, which can cause the company massive losses.

Compromising safety

As an equipment renter, it is your responsibility to make sure that the operator is well-trained in handling the equipment safely. Operation of cranes and other big construction equipment is usually a specialised skill which needs certification. Equipment familiarity is not enough, and one must be fully-capable to handle operation and a bit of troubleshooting. It is also important to educate all personnel on the standard operating procedures and safety protocols involving the equipment.

Compromising quality for money

Going for the company giving the lowest rental fee is not always the best way to go. You surely do not want to deal with delays or setbacks brought by equipment breakdowns in the middle of your project.

Paying little attention to the contract

Do not neglect this piece of paper. Be sure to read the contract thoroughly; go over it twice or even three times. Ask the rental company questions regarding additional costs like delivery, accessories, fuel, late charges, and damage accountability. The terms of the rent such as duration, payment terms, warranty, and insurance should also be clear between the two parties. Miscommunication should not be the reason your project goes over the intended budget.

Having little knowledge of the equipment

Be a responsible renter and do your research to avoid renting more or less than what you need. Also, make sure that you are renting the most suitable equipment for the job. Do not get state-of-the-art equipment for a simple job to save money; similarly, do not rent equipment that is too small since this can slow the project down. Ensure that the equipment you are renting has the correct specifications for your purposes.

Having little knowledge of the project’s timeline

Do not make the mistake of renting equipment too early or too late. See to it that you have secured any job that needs to be done, such as site preparation and personnel training before the agreed delivery date. Equipment left lying around unused is as good as wasted money.

Trusting the right company

Look for a reputable rental company. Rental companies like Crane Hire Peterborough are compliant with all regulations, meeting all the terms and conditions of the Construction Plant Hire Association. A credible company should adhere to the standards of the British Standard Codes of Good Practice.

Careful planning is key when renting any equipment. You want to make sure that every pound spent on these business deals is not wasted. As long as you keep an eye out for these common mistakes that can possibly arise, then you have nothing to worry about.

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