Know The Benefits Of Using Solar Cooker

Posted by kamal on March 30th, 2019

In remote areas and some third world countries where people have no access to electricity and fuel is a priced commodity, solar cookers offer an easy way of preparing food and purifying water.

Horace de Saussure did the first recorded attempt at solar cooking in 1767. The Swiss scientist developed a solar cooker following the principle of greenhouse effect or solar heat trap by arranging several glass boxes inside each other on a dark surface. Later on, he developed a cooker using two pine boxes with three glass layers on top. He then added an insulation made from wool in between the 2 pine boxes.

In the 1950's Maria Telkes of MIT developed the classic solar cooker. It featured a plywood-insulated box, four reflectors, and an inclined top made of two layers of glass, which had a tiny airspace in between them. This design is still seen in modern solar cookers in numerous variations.

UN and other organizations planned to introduce solar cooking to impoverished nations but early plans did not materialize. Today, many non-profit organizations are encouraging the use of solar cookers to reduce air pollution, prevent deforestation, and avoid accidental fires in fire prone areas.

Preserve Forests

In other countries, many people still depend on wood for fuel. Solar cooking relies on the sun's energy, which is renewable. This helps save trees from deforestation and protects endangered species.

Reduce Green house Gases

Although electricity has certainly made lives brighter and less complicated, the excessive and unwise use of it can contribute to global warming. Furthermore, smoke and fumes from gas-powered cookers contribute to climatic change. By using a solar oven, you can reduce carbon footprint and slow the harmful effects of global warming.

In the summer months, you can bring the cooker outside and try different solar recipes to lessen the heat inside your homes.

Cooking methods that use wood and other non-renewable fuels emit toxic fumes into the air. This can lead to air pollution and health complications if these fumes are inhaled. Solar oven, on the other hand, uses solar power, do not produce harmful toxins and can greatly reduce air and water pollution,

Haines Solar Cooker is easy to assemble and disassemble. Simply take one with you on family picnics, camping, and vacation trips. Cooking with solar products is safe since there is no need for an open fire and do not pose any fire hazards to your children, pets, and other people. It also minimizes the risk of wildfires from wood sparks.

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