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Posted by Alzbeta Berka on March 30th, 2019

Tyvek wrist bands/tags are popular today and a huge number of people prefer to wear these bands or tags for special purposes. With this article, you can better understand these Tyvek wrist bands, in which way they are made and their actual usages. Tyvek is a synthetic, paper-like, woven material and amazingly durable and comes in cheaper price range than cloth and plastic options. It is very lightweight and has breathable properties. Sweat, water, sunray, and other liquids cannot affect it.

Who mainly use Tyvek wrist bands?

It is less expensive than cloth and plastic and comes with amazing durability. And that’s why it has become the best wristband material for the events like parties and gathering in nightclubs. Actually, the number of uses cannot be counted but the following are the regular customers-1) Night club and concert venue owners

2) Professional organizers of festival and carnival

3)  Various groups for fundraising and non-profit

4) School, colleges, and universities

5) Conference and trade show organizers

How these wrist bands help regular customers?

You can notice that all the professionals are associated with something like event management, whether it is a night club party or a university program. There is a huge number of people and it becomes really hard for the management professionals to direct the right guest in the right direction. Some guests are there to be in backstage, some are allowed to take alcohol or some have on stage performances- but who is going to do what that professional cannot recognize just by seeing their faces and appearance. But if there are different kinds of wrist bands which convey specific note, it becomes easy for them to direct the right guest to the right place without wasting time.

In some programs, a lot of older people are invited and they really do not like to stand in a queue to prove themselves as the invited guests. But with the stylish wristband, you can easily solve this problem. Here all you need to do is command your staffs to check the bands and its secret message (even the barcode) and let them go there where they are invited.

Apart from these reasons, Tyvek Wristbands Singapore are also popular for another reason. Cloth and paper get wet when they come in contact with water and sweat. Wet paper can lose its printed texts or symbols. But Tyvek is waterproof and it does not lose its printed stuff generally. Paper tickets can be lost at anywhere even inside the purse and one cannot show it at the right time. But if the management uses wrist tag as smart tickets, the entire task becomes easier and impressive than ever.


There are a lot of companies which offer wrist band and Lanyards Custom made Singapore. You can share your exact idea, logo or text to them and you will get that pasted on the wrist band. But before selecting any manufacturer you are requested to do proper research- check previous work samples, customer reviews and ratings, and charges. 

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