Health Tips for Busy Women in the Bloom of Life

Posted by shapenstrength on March 31st, 2019

Every women are empowered with huge responsibilities both at home as well as outside, be she a working lady or a homemaker. Thus the result is pure negligence of own health.  But in today’s busy life, all of them should take health care of their health to bear daily stress and also live and let live better.

Few easy to follow healthy tips for the busy women on a daily basis:

Follow a Healthy & Nutritional Diet:

Include more Protein(fish/ meat/ egg albumin) in regular diet along with milk products (yogurts), green veggies, seasonal fruits, salads, fibrous foods(spinaches), fat free beverages(green tea), light oil snacks(roasted papad), and plenty of water apart from carbohydrates(rice & chapattis) and fatty/ junk foods(chips and cold drinks).

Try to intake food in small quantity and at frequent intervals (at least 6 times a day) including 2 meals.

Never skip breakfast:

The right way to have a perfect health is to have heavy breakfast followed by light midday tiffin break and having a balanced Lunch in sufficient quantity. Evening snacks, it can be less spicy and oily, can contribute a better tomorrow. And the second secret to staying healthy is to have a heavy Supper instead of a heavy Dinner, which is a hardly followed by most one of us owing to the hectic schedule of life.

It is advisable to carry and have some dietary snacks like biscuits and roasted, tasty chatpatas for working ladies to avoid large gaps between meals. This also adds flavour to the monotonous feeling while working for long hours.

For these, to make life easy and simpler, you can utilize your weekends by planning and shopping accordingly. Also, you can try for new recipes then as weekends are to enjoy and you will get ample time that other days for experimenting something new. It will give you some diversity from your daily routine. Try to go for recipes that require a short time preparation for cooking. Steamed food is healthier as well as requires less time to prepare.  

Regular Exercises suitable for all ages of women:

Brisk walking in the morning or evening is the best exercise at all ages. If time becomes a factor, try for a walk to the places at walkable distance, where you need to go everyday owing to work schedule like to the nearby markets, from a bus stop to office or home etc. But keep in mind, you need to be a brisk walker and can’t stroll to keep your body healthy. Statistics show that a minimum of 30mins of regular brisk walking has reduced the stress level and also has prevented many diseases to grow within a human body to a great extent.

Have adequate sleep of min 8 hours a day. It’s very normal in today’s busy schedule that one hardly gets time to sleep in a continuous manner. Having power naps during the day or taking short breaks gives a lot of relaxation to the body and mind as well.

Breathing exercises like Pranayam or Yoga for 15mins a day at home can keep one fit both mentally and physically.

Along with these, applying some beauty tips to self from home care and making it a part of her regular routine can make the life of a woman charming and stress-free.

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