Process To Cure Hair Loss With Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment

Posted by kamal on March 31st, 2019

To create the appearance of full head of hair, Scalp Micropigmentation procedure can be used meticulously and carefully by placing micro dots of pigment amongst existing hair, which can replicate natural hair follicles.

Hair loss which is a well-known hair problem worldwide is a common dilemma to everyone. This phenomenon attacks near about all human beings on earth and does not choose individuals. Though everyone experiences this phenomenon at some point of life, unfortunately some people experience this phenomenon at severe and serious level. For both men and women, severe and serious loss of hair problem is said to be affecting approximately around 50% of the world's population. There are various kinds of treatment which are sprouting up throughout the year in all parts of world, for treating hair loss phenomenon with scalp micropigmentation being as one of the major techniques. This technique promotes the existence of artificial hair, through a process similar to that of tattooing, but may promise its patients with real and new hair like look.

What Is This?

Applied on the scalp of the person, this procedure is non-surgical Hair Replacement technique which can treat problems like male pattern baldness, alopecia areata, and other types of loss of hair problems. Though not very common to those people who became bald because of the diseases such as thyroid problems, lupus and cancer, etc, this technique can also be applied. People who wish to grow hair can have a semi shaved look through tattooing with pattern of thousand dots that are imprinted and tattooed on a dermal layer of a person's scalp, using micro pigments. These tattoos will look like real hair follicles on a semi shaved scalp, as an end product. The output of this procedure is known to be realistic or natural looking, as anyone has the choice to make their tattooed hair transplant like a permanent one.

Know About This Process

This procedure is very similar to tattooing process and depending on the Scalp Micropigmentation Clinicor specialist conducting it, this procedure may vary. For a complete procedure, the number of sessions may range approximately from two to four hours, with each session may last from two to six hours. This may vary depending on the shade and style that the client wants size of the client's head and the person's hair loss condition. It is critical to note that both specialist and client should a fully understood and clear agreement on all aspects that is essential for the process, before the procedure itself, which includes permanence of the tattooed dots, duration of procedure, hairline design and shades and density of the pigments.

Any Side Effects

Side effects may be expected, in any kinds of Hair Pigmentation Service which involves surgical or non-methods. This scalp pigmentation may have minimal side effects like allergic reaction, if proper type of ink is not used for the procedure.

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