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Posted by Immuno Staining on April 1st, 2019

Once embedded, tissues are cut into thin sections ready to be placed on a slide. ... Sectioning tissues is an art. The selection of knife material, blade shape, cutting speed, knife angle and other variables must be determined through experience with the type of tissue and the particular equipment. proves as an Important Tool for information on freezing tissue for cryostat sectioning in Biomarkers Detection and Clinical Practice.

Tissue sectioning is an art. The selection of knife material, blade shape, cutting speed, knife angle and other variables must be determined through experience with the type of tissue and the particular equipment. Sections cut under non-optimal conditions will show tearing, ripping, "venetian blinds," holes, folding, etc. As sections are cut, they are floated on a warm water bath to smooth out any wrinkles. They are then picked up on a glass microscope slide.

The glass slides are then heated in a warm oven for about 15 minutes to help the section adhere to the slide. This step may be bypassed to preserve characteristics such as antigenicity. In this case, adhesive-coated slides may be substituted to pick up the sections. Typical adhesives for this purpose include starch, albumen, resins and combinations thereof. The adhered sections are then ready for further processing.

Paraffin infiltration is the procedure where tissue is dehydrated through a series of graded ethanol baths to displace the water, and then infiltrated with wax. The infiltrated tissues are then embedded into wax blocks. The most commonly used waxes for infiltration are the commercial paraffin waxes.

Tissue Section Types

  • Frozen

The most important feature for this type of tissue section is to keep antigen’s immune-competence completely, especially for the cell surface antigen. Both fresh and fixed tissues can be processed as frozen tissues. However, the tissues must be dried (or primary fixed) and stored at low temperature.

  • Paraffin-Embedded

Paraffin-embedded tissue section is normally sliced by a rotary microtome to give a thickness of 2-7 μm. With proper treatment, the section reveals clear tissue structure and exact antigen location to enable high medical-value pathology researches and retrospective studies. This section type can be stored at 4℃ for long term use.

About is the website that offers you detailed information about IHC protocol. It is a small part of Boster Bio that gives you complete knowledge about IHC principle and IHC protocol. IHC principle is the method of fixation, tissue sectioning, paraffin embedding, inactivation and blocking, antigen retrieval, detection and so on. You will also study complete guide of IHC Sample preparation guide and IHC protocol. To know more about it, visit us at and get complete information.

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