Two Potential Sunroof Issues: Sunroof Repair San Antonio

Posted by levih134 on April 1st, 2019

Are you living in San Antonio and looking for a professional and cost-effective sunroof repair? Roof glass repair and replacement typically requires an experience professional to both properly diagnose the problem as well as perform a successful repair.

Here find out two potential problems where you need help of a Sunroof Repair professional in San Antonio:

Broken Glass

If your sunroof glass has shattered, it is very important to refrain from attempting to operate the sunroof, as this can cause further damage.   You’ll want to keep the vehicle in a covered area such as a garage or purchase a protective barrier such as “crash wrap” to protect your vehicle from weather elements.

When replacing a shattered sunroof glass, it is imperative to remove all glass fragments to prevent further damage.  If glass is remains trapped in the tracks, this can damage or break component parts within the assembly.  The costs of repairing mechanical component parts can be significant, so take the extra time to ensure all glass fragments are clear.

Inoperable Sunroof

If your sunroof glass is stuck or not sliding properly, there are various common causes.  The sunroof glass may be off track, debris could be logged in the tracks, components pieces may break in the assembly, just to name a few.  You’ll want to seek professional assistance if your sunroof isn’t working properly. If you have one of the issues and have questions and seek assistance, you can contact Sunroof Express, a company specializing in Sunroof Repair in Atlanta!