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Posted by ESO2017123 on April 1st, 2019

RS players have you already join in this year's summer season, if not, here are some changes about summer season 2019.Never forget to snap up RS3gold 8% off Buy Cheap Deadman Summer Season Gold and at the same time don't miss RS3gold April Fool's big deal til Apr2 .

Summer Season Changelog and Key Information

  • The Summer Season will end on Thursday 2nd May.
  • More potions have been added to the Bounty Hunter store. The following potions added are:
    • Super Combat - cost 30,000 points
    • Extended Antifire - cost 5,000 points
    • Zamorak Brew - cost 25,000 points
    • Magic - cost 8000 points
    • Antidote ++ - cost 3,000 points
  • In a weekly basis, different NPCs will have double drops for their uniques:
    • Week 1 - Revenants
    • Week 2 - Barrows
    • Week 3 - Godwars Bosses
    • Week 4 - Wildy Bosses
  • Players will all unlock the following on set days during the Summer Season:
    • Day 7 - Quests, Barrows, and 6 hour immunity
    • Day 14 - Ancient Magicks
  • Previously, we’ve disallowed swapping from the main game to Deadman Mode. In the Deadman Summer Season, we’ll be lifting the banhammer – allowing players to swap as they please. Note that we will not be providing any swapping services and players are advised to do so at their own risk. All other rules will still apply and remain unchanged.

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