Malaysia's Top 10 Stationary Brands You Must Know

Posted by sofia comas on April 2nd, 2019

Due to stationary brands, there is a revolution in written communication. These hand-written notes and letters have revolutionized the form of communication by beautiful hand letters and clever and quirky sayings. The cards and note pads are not the only ones to get a makeover, it’s also the wedding invitations as well. Here is a list of stationary brands of Malaysia which are truly here to prove that stationary stays out of fashion.

  1. Salt x paper

This brand solely exists because of its owners love for paper and paper related works. This brand shows how passionate they are about preserving memories, ideas and stories. Every item that is sold by Salt x Paper is strictly Malaysian made including the design of the notebook covers. This brand permits the people of Malaysia to have opportunities of their own by filling pretty notebooks with sewn bound pages and premium grade paper at the affordable price.

  1. The 1992 version

It is a stationary founded in August of 2015 by a Malaysian founder who was very passionate about stationery and journals. This brand has a wide range of stationery items which includes notebooks and journals as a part of it. The products of this brand are available online so that they reach everybody who loves art and crafts.

  1. JM creations

This stationary brand specifically provides handmade items. The items are handcrafted with care and with the finest quality of paper products from around the globe. The only use beautiful and unique papers for its creations. It only uses the highest quality of material to maintain its name in the industry. The main forte of this brand is wedding cards, invitation cards, greeting cards, stationery, and crafts. An amazing fact about JM creations is that it is also a party and wedding planner.

  1. Monami

It is a Malaysian online stationary brand that features lovely stationery at a very affordable price. This brand makes sure that it’s items which include pens, whiteboard markers, pencil cases, passport holders and other stationery products are packed with a care that would melt your heart. The basic aim of this brand is to turn normal stationary items into cute and adorable ones.

  1. Noteworthy

It sells beautiful notebooks, papers, and gift collection. Every item sold by Noteworthy is handmade and Earth-friendly. It was introduced in August 2012. The items are sold online at its official website. It can Instantly brighten up your day due to its brilliant products especially for those who are stationary lovers.

  1. Katja notebooks

This brand was founded by a lady who claimed herself to be a stationary addict. Due to her love for arts, she gained a degree in arts and was a visual arts teacher. The display of products on the official website, shows are utterly talented she is in her field. The brand was launched in February 2016 and despite the fact that it’s recently launched, it has gained the attention of the stationery lovers in Malaysia due to her minimalist style notebooks and comprehensive inserts.

  1. Mypaperprojects

This brand has a unique sense of style in stationery items. The brand creates inserts and planner embellishments. And the customers are provided with plenty of options to choose from writable planner stickers to notebook inserts. They have such innovative ideas which are bound to put a smile on your face.

  1. Mossery

It is not just a brand that produces long-lasting products but also produces products that make a statement. The brand uses FSC grade paper for the production of its goods. The brand sets it’s stationary very beautifully so that it is distinct from other Brands.

  1. B'Nottee

The fun fact about this brand is that it Was founded by two interior designers. The items that they sell are Earth-friendly and handmade. What made them come into this business was their love for drawing and creating new things.

  1. Pebble paper design

The inspiration behind this brand is the whimsical illustrations and beautiful calligraphy. The brand mainly focuses on notebooks and paper goods such as greeting cards. The brand is accessible worldwide through its website.

By knowing about the brands can help you figure out what you need and how beautifully crafted you want it.

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